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Do you not get high the first time ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ConnorW, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. Tried getting my friend high out of my dugout and she took 4 good hits but she says she can't feel anything ?
    Why do people not get high there first time?
  2. Not sure.. I had a brownie for my first time and didn't get high. Smoked in the woods, didn't get high. Smoked in the woods again and it was like a vivid Call of Duty map.
  3. Yeah that's what a lot of people say but my first time I took a massive rip was coughing for 10 minutes straight, got crazy fucked :bongin:
  4. yeah its bullshit, i got stoned as fuck my first time

    took a rip of hash then a rip of weed, walked back into work and had a major body buzz going on my knees almost gave out on me ahaha then went home and my parents knew i was baked instantly
  5. Didnt get high the first 3 times, was some bunk ass shit. 4th time i blazed, i had some good shit and since that day, mary jane will always be a part of me
  6. i didn't get high my first two times. prob wasn't inhaling right. but i got pretty ripped my third time ever smoking:smoke:
  7. First time i smoked it was a j. I smoked it and didn't feel anything. About 10 minutes later i decided to roll another crude joint. After smoking that one i put my lighter up and walked back into my house when BOOM i was crazy. I dont know why it does that though.

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