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CBD Oil Do you need to take it everyday?

Discussion in 'CBD Oil' started by plantme, Oct 27, 2022.

  1. hello, new member here, nice to meet you all.

    i have a question about cbd. so i understand that cbd can be taken to treat anxiety and depression. as a lot of you probably know, a lot of antidepressants need to be taken for 8-12 weeks to see full benefits.

    my question is, is there benefit in taking the same dose of cbd every day? like does it build up in your system and does it take a couple months to see full benefits? or is it more of a one time thing, kind of like a benzodiazepine or sleeping pill where it works if you take it, but there are no benefits on taking the same amount every day?

    i hope everyone understands my question. im trying to decide if i should include cbd oil in my medication list, but worry that if i do, i will need it every day and missing a dose would twist things up.

    i look forward to your replies! cheers!
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  2. I smoke high CBD hemp daily, usually 80-100 mg in a bong hit. Strain tests about 20% CBD, so that means I am getting 16-20 mg of CBD plus the other cannabinoids present.. Seems that after just 3 days or so, I feel much more leveled out, not as prone to flying off the handle, and much quicker to recover if I do fly off the handle. The effect seems to fade away after a few days of not using the CBD.
    Missing one day doesn't seem to affect me too much, but missing two days its noticeable.
    Keep in mind I am smoking it, and getting more than just straight CBD, but suspect the effects should be similar. Taking it via eating is a route that has lower bio availability than entering through the lungs as smoke or vapor, so it would take a lot more.
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  3. Welcome to Grasscity.
    I don't find CBD alone to be effective for anxiety, and prefer a bit of THC with my CBD. That said, I smoke nearly every day (THC) and feel like it helps keep me on an even keel from Bipolar Disorder. A few dabs help with anxiety. Using at least three times a week works for me, though I prefer to smoke very day medicinally.
    I don't have an answer to your questions about how quickly it will work and if you need to use everyday, and can't even recommend a dose. You may just have to experiment and see what works for you. The half life of CBD seems to be quite variable and daily dosing may be best, but I don't see that missing a "dose' would twist you up. Good luck.
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  4. thanks for the replies!

    i guess there isnt enough research on it to tell 100%. on it says

    "If just beginning consumption of CBD, it is also important to understand that the full effects of CBD may take several weeks to experience."

    i guess im trying to decide if i should strictly take a regular dose every day, as if im taking an antidepressant (an ssri or snri), or if i can kind of adjust based on if needed. the problem is that its so hard to tell if its work because of other factors in life, other meds etc. it seems like its more like a benzodiazepine where your body is more stable if you take a regular dose, but there is no 8-12 week waiting to see if it "works" for you.

    so far ive been taking gummies i had left over but i finished them, and found a good deal on oil that only lasts until the end of the month. so do i want to stock up on cbd oil or save my money for something else.

    also, thc is currently illegal here in japan... thc is the best for immediate depression relief for me.

    anyway, if anyone has any more info please share! thanks!
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    Last edited: Oct 28, 2022
    talk it over with your doctor, he knows your current meds, condition, and any contradictions

    good luck
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  6. thanks a lot for the advice but most psychiatrists here arent educated on cbd, or know that much about it. i wish i could just ask my doctor!
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  7. all depends on your needs and condition
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  8. I don't think that a missed dose will have much effect and there is a need to use it daily. Especially cbd can have a different effect on everyone, because organisms are different. I sometimes use cbd, but I don't feel the need to do it every day.
  9. Hi Sophie. I’m new here too. Sunny Coast QLD. Does your CBD oil have any THC content? Do you use for anxiety or pain?
    - Lick it
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  10. I recommend new clients with no cannabis history to dose CBD everyday for two weeks before they decide if it’s working or not.
    It takes time for your receptors to fill up to the point that it has noticeable benefits :thumbsup:
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  11. Taking it via eating is a route that has lower bio availability than entering through the lungs as smoke or vapor, so it would take a lot more.

    I thought it's more bio available by eating rather than smoking?
  12. aaah, i think i understand now. it isnt a medicine that you need to take for 8-12 weeks, then strictly every day to see full benefits, like ssri or other antidepressants. But rather your receptors generally need a couple weeks to get the most out of the CBD. thanks!
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  13. My cbd has no more than 0.3% thc. I don't even know where there is a larger proportion. I'm an anxious person.
  14. I gotta just say . like the user name no doubt . in case I forget ... thanks
  15. I don't understand what you're saying. You seem happy though.
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  16. CBD is generally recommended to be taken consistently on a daily basis for optimal results. While it doesn't typically require the same lengthy adjustment period as some antidepressants, it's not usually a one-time thing like benzodiazepines or sleeping pills. The effects of CBD tend to build up gradually in your system over time, so consistency is key.

    That being said, missing an occasional dose shouldn't necessarily "twist things up" completely. CBD doesn't typically have severe withdrawal effects, but it's always best to follow the recommended dosage and consult with a healthcare professional if you have concerns about missing doses.
  17. my mums been taking it once a week to help with cancer & its helping
  18. Many individuals find that consistent dosing is important for maintaining the potential benefits of CBD. Taking the same dose daily may help achieve more stable levels of CBD in the body, potentially providing more consistent relief from symptoms over time.
    Unlike certain medications that may require weeks to see full benefits, CBD may have more immediate effects for some individuals. However, for others, it might take time for the compound to build up in the system and exert its full effects.

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