Do you need greater mental stimulation when high?

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  1. Good morning everyone, just woke up and roasted, having some thoughts. I feel like when I'm high, I'm just a little more numb to everything. When I eat, it has to be something really delicious, if I'm playing xbox it has to be my favorite game, when I watch porn I have to watch more hardcore stuff than I usually watch, etc. Even emotionally it takes more to stir up a response than normal. Anyone else? :smoke:
  2. Opposite for me. I'm cold and callous sober, weed actually opens me up and makes me a tolerable person.
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    im irritable without weed

    weed is my med

    which i currently just smoked my last

    weed make me think a lot deeper, and work harder physically
  4. Interesting, it's the opposite for me. When I'm high I enjoy everything more, before smoking is when I have no motivation and nothing feels as fun. Food tastes less good, I have less of an appetite, I laugh less, smile less, I'm more likely to get angry, sad, or stressed. After smoking I'm usually just really happy and feel great about everything lol.
  5. me only have ONE ambition, y'know. I only have one thing i really like to see happen. i like to see mankind live together - black, white, chinese- thats all
    - bob marley rip

    i make it my purpose
    go and get your money
  6. It's not like I NEED more mental stimulation...i smoke for many diff reasons...
    but when I'm in the mood to write music, it sure opens up the mind to many different sounds and ideas....when i've had a bowl

    when in the right mood smoking does motivate on certain projects as well....i enjoy my buzz the most, when doing something creative or getting a project done...sittin on the ass accomplishes nothing...even tho, it's nice to do at times :D
  7. I actually can feel ya here man, it's much the same for me now too. It never used to be, I used to find everything much more intense and interesting high - I could just sit there and THINK for ages. But the more I've been smoking, the more I find that I want everything to BE intense when I'm high. Like you say, I've got to listen to the most trippy music I have, got to make everything as intense as it can be so I can 'enjoy' it more and 'make the most of it'. Basically, before I just kicked back and let stuff happen, now I'm trying more and more to MAKE stuff as intense and great as possible, as if I'm trying to 'get higher' than I was before. It's a bit of a messy situation, to be honest... :(
  8. Yea, I used to, when I was getting fucked up almost everyday. I was the ultimate master debater! I used to pleasure myself in ways no one could, with food, video games, movies. Shit I kind of miss those days.

  9. Aww man I hear you. I do the exact same thing. It actually impacted my social life for quite a while because I was so thoroughly enjoying myself at home, I didn't go out much.
  10. Sometimes I think I do then I realize thats just the arrogance in me talking
  11. Weed offers an interesting thing to us as humans; by intensifying everything we do it creates an alternate mindset as well as an alternate state of mind. I see that the author of this thread believes in adding more than usual to stir a response, because if your mind is already intensified by weed than you should also intensify your settings in order to get the most out of it. However for me, I'm pleased with the mental intensification alone so anything else is really just a bonus.
  12. Oh hell yea man, Ive been going to most of my World Issues classes baked and pulling off much higher grades than my peers, I suddenly actually feel like participating and sharing my ideas (PS Im normally a HUGE introvert), I also gained a great interest in studying quantum theory while baked. Hell my ambition in life is to become a sage so I may one day share some wisdom. :smoke:
  13. I'm the opposite, I need less stimulation while high. I can enjoy music I wouldn't normally like, eat a lot of foods I don't eat sober, etc.

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