do you need a flush with the lucas formula?

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  1. Hi all I'm using a IWS system with Rockwell cubes in conjunction with the Lucas formula. I was under the impression that you don't flush with the Lucas formula all the info i read on subject said as much. Now when i was looking through the threads on here i come across someone who was using the Lucas formula and they were advised to flush for the last week. I guess i want to know if i should flush or not thanks for your time
    slamwa :)
  2. currently,im on my first grow...using 4x20L bubble buckets and using the Lucas Formula

    in each i have a white widow clone...i havent flushed once

    from wat i have read on the original Lucas Formula page (i think), u dont have to flush which works well for me...i dint llike the thought of tipping all those good nutes only to put some more of the same shit back in...

    with the amount of times you refill (since starting mine, ive added at least 4L of water to each bucket each week), that sounds fresh enough to not have to flush...

    now wen it comes to THE flush, by all means, flush with fresh, straight, pH'ed water

    but thats my opinion...u kno everyones opinions vary on here
  3. wats IWS???
  4. Inteligent watering system its an ebb and flow or gravity feed system can't say enough good things about it to be fair! reliable easy to use and simple to set up :) which is good for a simpleton like me lol! thanks for the reply aswell as this is the first time i've used the lucas formula bit unsure on the bits and bobs but if there no need for flushing i aint gonna cheers m8.
    slamwa :wave:
  5. Although they SAY you don't need to fuck with anything, I'd definitely recommend a flush. Your plants will drink a lot of water (which translates to eating a lot of nutes), and in turn after topping off with plain water eventually you will be starving your plants of food. Nute levels HAVE to be decreasing, there's no way that only adding nutes one time for the entire duration of a grow seems safe to me.

    Probably a good idea to give them a flush every two weeks or so. But hey, that's just me. Do what works for you.
  6. I always flush on the last week, (unless I'm growing organic). I rarely flush at any other time... unless I F up. :eek:
  7. When running DWC, with any nutrient line, it can be beneficial to at least remove the majority of the solution every week or every other week, depending on the condition of the reservoir and replace with freshly mixed solution. The reason being that certain mineral salts may bind with one another over time, rendering them useless to your plants. Also, the ratio of minerals can vary from what you originally mixed it as so occasional flushing can remedy this as well. Using Drip Clean in addition to your regular nutrient schedule helps to prevent nutrient salts from binding reducing the need for flushes so maybe try some of that too. I use it and it definitely helps to keep everything running smoothly.
  8. I think there may be some confusion here...

    Are you talking about a final flush before harvest or a res change (you could call that a flush I guess)?

    If you're talking about final flush, you need to do that regardless of what you're running, unless you like chemical tasting buds.
  9. yep thanks for the reply sos should of been more clearer i was on about the last flush thanks again for your replies happy toking guys!:smoke: slamwa

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