Do you name your Toking Tools?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by tomshark, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. Hey Blades.
    Just wondering what everybody's input is for this. Do you guys name your smoking pieces? Personally, I've never been inclined to name one of my pieces.
  2. i rarely name my pieces...
    for whatever reason.
  3. negative, IMO that shits for kids.
  4. Im done naming my shit. Everything that has ever had a name has broke.
  5. Nope. A few have titles that I refer to them as... ie, the two footer, the retard (don't use that guy much), curly (has a curly downstem). But I'm not taking a rip out of Bethany, or dickwad. Or whatever everyone names em. I almost named my motorcycle... but I can't decide if its a boy or a girl.
  6. I do, it makes me love it more when I have it and feel worse if it breaks. :eek:
  7. My normal bowl's name is "Metatron", which is the title for the scribe of God according to Jewish demonology.

    My heady bowl's name is "Ozone", because it reminds me of a lightning storm -- black sky (black is the pipe's main color), blue, red and orange flashes (it has swirls of these colors), and then an insane blue/orange/black spiral on the flattened mouth piece.

    My bong is called "Ehlsewhere". It's a 5mm thick, 37 cm high Ehle straight tube with ice notches, a RooR diffuser, a nice inline ash catcher (still to come), and a sweet, small yellow/white bowl. I may get activated carbon attachment from RooR... Either way, this thing will put you elsewhere.

    Names are good ways to refer to pieces. Some are gay, some are not. I like the names I use, but I don't care if other people do, lol, I just call my pieces by their names!

  8. This. I see no point and it is rather childish.

    To each his own though.

  9. ^^^^^
  10. yeah i used to do that when i was like 13
  11. Never got into it, don't plan on it. I guess if I had branded glass I'd call it that though... pass me the RooR etc. That's just common sense though.
  12. i have a wooden pipe i havent really named it, i called my 3 foot bong the three footer, and my first bong ladybug, i never really need a name for my shit though:p
  13. I usually name my pieces. I got a new fancy pantsy blue and green sherlock with a chunk of meteorite glass on the front that I call "Cosmo"
    I had a wooden pipe in my youth that I called "Fogey" as in old-fogey (spelling?)
    I have a glass pipe I use exclusively for kush we call "Spermy"
    Got a 14" Flame colored bong called "Firebrand"
    A 16" Glass steamroller that is blown to appear like ornamental bamboo we call "The Sapling"
    I had a dark blue glass sherlock with an eye in the glass on the bulb called "Peepers"
    I recently destroyed a glass pipe with clawed fingers flipping the bird called "The Finger"
    A little green steel bullet sneak-a-toke called "The Green Hornet"
    And two new small glass pieces, one is called "Om" because it gots the Om symbol from buddhism on it, the other has a fine little blue gecko on the pipe called "Blue Gecko"

    I realized why I bother to name these things while describing the pipes above...I almost think of 'em as friends, some are old friends I parted ways with long ago, others are new comrades on my road to understanding. I credit them with helping me stay sane. Deep.
  14. I'm not entirely sure why people see this as a childish act. The US military routinely gave names to multi million dollar aircraft, buildings, troop movements, naval vessels and mankind as a whole has done this with various forms of mechanized transport for hundreds or thousands of years. Would you call all of this a childish act?

    Sure, there are people who are childish (in general) and come up with ridiculous nonsensical names for every last spec of china glass or acrylic that they own, good for them, it makes them happy. I personally only name something if its an obvious name that sticks and has a overly appropriate match to the piece.

    Google "famous planes" and you come up with the following list of named airplanes. I suppose these are childish?
  15. Naw I dont name my tools... My roor's name is roor my bubbler's name is bubbler, yes very excite i know
  16. my favorite pipe/name in my collection is dr.shockaloo its fun nameing and comeing up with em
  17. I've never really bothered to name all of my pieces, the only time i do give a pipe a name is when it really seem appropriate, and even then its usually pretty generic. EX: I have a 2.5 foot bong of thick ass chinaglass that was super cheap with a one hit snapper bowl in it. I call it the "bleezy". Thats the only pipe i've named. For whatever reason i don't name my spoons bubblers, or and thing else.

    I see it as a to each there own ting, how can you really hate on people who name their pipes.
  18. I only named one, "dusty". its a filthy homemade bong that used to be clear and now its completely stained brown. I thought of the name dusty because it looked like some kind of improvised machinery, something out of waterworld, fallout or something of the sort. you know, like a house made out of rusted sheets of metal and tracktor parts or something, and there always dusty...:rolleyes:
  19. i don't name my remotes, my watches, my cellphone...why would i name glass? i'm not 7
  20. Wow, there's such a stuffiness around here about naming your smoke tools! Its cool if you dont care to name your own stuff, but dont liken the people who do to 7 year olds. Its pretty insulting. I thought tokers were supposed to be more open minded than that.

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