Do you mod?

Discussion in 'General' started by deadkndys, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. Just wondering if anyone else besides me mods consoles?

    PS3/Xbox360/Wii etc.
  2. Yeah man I don't but my brother is really into that shit. Hes even able to hack the 360 to get free games. He can go on live and everything without getting caught its pretty awesome
  3. i modded the fuck out of my original xbox, can you chip a 360 now?
  4. nah.....I wish i even knew someone who did..
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    Well you can but its easier and cheaper to flash the firmware on your 360 dvd drive so you can play burnt games.

    He will get banned eventually we all will lol
  6. ahhh word i knew of the flashing business. i loved my old xbox, i thought i was so cool because it had a clear blue case and lights and an LCD screen and shit. and of course like 250gb of movies and games. glory daze.
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    I am a fan of pirated shit... I wont lie. Hence I mod every console I get (not for fancy lights/cool logos, just to have illegal games).

    There is a mod for XBOX360 called xk3y, which I plan on getting once I sum up the energy to do so.

    It allows you to boot games from an external USB hard drive. Sounds pretty sweet to me.

    xk3y - Play all your Xbox 360 games from any USB drive!

  8. fuck yeah, THANKS!!!
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    I hear its only good for offline as if you go online with it you will get banned.
    It works kinda like a JTAG would boot a game off a HDD.

    It kinda expensive too like over 100 dollars.

    I'm just sticking to C4evas firmware it hasn't failed me yet.
  10. Yeah that's true. Not such a problem for myself, because I dislike the convergence of gaming (my escapism) with humans, and hence avoid any online gaming like the plague. The $100 kinda sucks, but after that I will never have to spend a cent on games again, or have to go to the trouble of burning disks.

    I may not be able to run the xk3y with a Slim, which is what I have these days. So may consider this C4eva yet. Although I'm pretty sick of burning disks.
  11. If you play offline then burning isn't so bad. Walmart has a 25 pk of Kodak brand dual layers for 15.84 which is good for offline play.

    But if you want to go online you will need to buy a better quality disk called Verbatims which are more expensive and also since October of last year to the present all games made will need to be burned on a certain burner because with this burner "C4eva" made custom firmware for it so you can burn 100 percent of the game,go online and not get banned.

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