Do you miss your ex-wife/husband

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by defnotauser, May 27, 2016.

  1. Gonna skip the story part, more so curious if anyone else still loves and misses their ex post-divorce?

    Not a day in the past 6 years has gone by Inform miss her. Sucks, I have a good life, new family, by it doesn't change who the person that really stole my heart is. It's crushing, I really hope it fades in time

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  2. I do but I try not focus more on my wife then the past

    But it's only normal when you share a.close connection with

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  3. It seems to come and go in waves.. I'm happy for her current life and happy with mine, just sometimes it hits home

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  4. Haven't been married but dated a girl for almost 6 years and got close to marriage before we broke up. I can honestly say I do not miss her in the slightest bit, I had to step away from the situation to realize what a insane manipulative person I was dating was. Now looking back I just can't believe I wasted 6 years of my life because I was too scared someone was going to hurt themselves if I broke up with them.
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    The husband I have now is the only man I have ever married lol.we always going to be together. i don't miss any ex tho. they don't know me anymore.
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  6. Helllllllll no. My only regret is not getting away from her sooner.
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  7. being a child of devroce, i've always wonder why is it so common now? Is it really that easy to marry the wrong person, or do we keep changin the rest of our lives?
  8. I'm going with a big FUCK NO on this one.

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  9. with every shot so far....:sneaky: J/k But yeah I have to agree guod....
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  10. Yes and yes. We never stop changing.

    I wasn't born insane,it snuk up on me in the last 50 years.

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  11. Hell no! She was a cheating whore and got FAT after we got married. 2nd wife is better than the 1st in every way.

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  12. Only the sex.
  13. never been married but i do not miss the ex i was with the longest.
  14. God forbid the new one gets fat. You'll have to trade her in for a newer model.<_<

    Never been married, but my ex(s) I do not miss.
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  15. Nope...have to see her all too much as it is because of the kids...

    We spent years trying to make something work that was never going to...

    The divorce itself sucked...bad...but...after the process was complete, it was actually a relief...

    I'm much happier now, after 5 years...alone...
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  16. Why you ingorant fool... Youre not alone?....


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    Nope I miss no ex's, especially my ex wife. Got the kids away from her almost 8 years ago, haven't looked back. Life is too good to waste stressing on old relationships.
  18. LOL! Keep sipping' on your Haterade.

    Met my 1st wife in college. She was 5'3" and 135 lbs. She was nearly 200 lbs when we divorced several years later. She bitched about her weight all the time and refused to do anything about it. I offered to go to the gym with her, to walk around the neighborhood with her, etc. even got her to agree that we would buy healthier food at the grocery store but she'd come back with ice cream, cookies, and all sorts of junk food when she did the shopping. And she was a cheating whore. She also didn't mature/grow up once we were out of college.

    My current wife has a few extra pounds on her but it doesn't bother me because she is a better woman and partner in every way vs my 1st wife. Current wife has ruined the vast majority of my fantasies because being married to her is so awesome. We've been together for 15 years and have a 10 year old daughter. (Fortunately, no kids with the first wife!)

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  19. I mean I wasn't hating. Just pointing out that mentioning someone's weight like that ( horrible person or not) is just unnecessary and rude. She's a cheater- focus on that, she's lazy- focus on that. Pointing out weight just comes across as petty and shallow imo.
    Don't pop off on me or anything.
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