Do you miss high school?

Discussion in 'General' started by Crates, Feb 15, 2014.

    I'm all for milk and cookies and a good nap but those high school hotties were really the shit.
  2. I miss seeing all of the people you wouldnt see anywhere else. Like those people you'd only talk to in class, but you never see again. You never know how important those people are to you.

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  3. Yea. I miss the people, not the place.
  4. Nah I'd definitely not experience high school again if I had the chance to do it exactly the same way again. A lot of pain and anguish, but from our bad experiences we grow as people.
  5. Hell no. I don't miss the place or the people. Bunch of drama queens and fake ass idiots all trying to act like they were living in some tv show. And that was 25 years it's worse. They all want to act like it's Glee or some shit. Fucking wankers, and laws preventing a REAL education.
  6. the bitches. the homies. no serious trouble. all the adventures i had. damn i might just shed a tear.

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  7. i also miss my art teacher. she caught me with bud and didn't snitch. :'( she loved my dumb ass.

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  8. Not a freakn second of it.

  9. Bumping my own thread, but I was reminiscing about high school today. And I concluded that the only thing I miss is the carefreeness, and the girls. I miss seeing hot girls everyday in skirts..that was awesome. But I don't miss their personalities, just the eye candy... they were immature... Then again I was much more mentally mature than almost everybody in high school... Which was both a good and a bad thing.
  10. I can relate to this so fucking much. That is, everywhere except high school :p
    Know what you mean though, especially I don't have that many close friends. Those people you talk to and cut up with on a regular basis can end up meaning more than you'd expect them to!
  11. I miss having all 6 classes everyday, everyone having lunch at the same time, the groups of coolkids, jocks, etc. I miss it, I really do. :(

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  12. not really. i went to a snobby rich beach school and i wasnt snobby or rich so never reaally fit in with cool kids. but i had my group of ride or dies and i still talk and hang out with most of them. i hated school tho man i either just didn't go or went to first period and met up with my friends and ditched the rest of the day. ended up having to go to a continuation school caught up on credits real quick then did independent study and graduated couple months early and was donzo

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  13. you so smart gurll
  14. I miss the sex with high school sweetheart.

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    I miss the first highschool I went to overseas. The teachers were competent and very approachable, the students were respectful to eachother, and the staff, those that were trouble-makers were shunned with the popular people generally being the nicest/funniest, it was great.
    My highschool experience in the US was less than pleasant. Disrespectful, annoying brats, and teachers that didn't seem to care about anything more than a paycheck. 
  16. Being an awkward shy kid, I despise the memory of my blunderous, aimless high school experience. I'm much cooler now. B)

    Interestingly, most of my high school friends feel the same way.

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  17. I miss it a lot actually. I was new to smoking so it was a lot more exciting. Sneaking out as a freshman and smoking a fat blunt with some bros before sneaking back in and going to class. Lol so many hilarious times with my boys in class fucking around and giving teachers absolute hell. So many great times
  18. School hated me and I hated school, but in retrospect, yeah I miss highschool.
  19. High School was really the best years of my life to date. Care free living although you didn't know it at the time. If I knew what I know now back in high school I would have been way more reckless. Prolly would have smashed a teacher or two. If I could go back, definitely would.

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