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Do you lose cannabinoids with concentrates?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by camram, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. Does the process filter out cannabinoids like CBD and CBN? Just started using concentrates and it just feels like a massive dose of THC.
  2. Go figure, a CONCENTRATE is a CONCENTRATED version of THC. No way!
  3. .... One of the dumber responses I've seen on this forum, and that says A LOT.

    Anyway, they can, what are you using? If it's BHO, well done BHO could and should have concentrated cannabinoids as well as THC, but yea high THC stuff especially vaped is really going to give a very heady high.
  4. Okay Captain Obvious! Man, blades like you just bring this forum down. Just freakin' pass on the thread if you have nothing helpful/nice to say!

    Let's get back on topic..

    So of course concentrates have high levels of THC but does the process or any of the solvents reduce concentration of other cannabinoids? I'm asking this question because the Sativa vs Indica differential is much more noticeable with flower as opposed to co2/bho/concentrates/etc
  5. A strong indica should be a very strong indica in good concentrate form, OG's and hybrids and stuff aren't going to do it, you need some master/bubba/la con yada yada. I'm guessing overpurging and also underpurging hurts cannabinoids as well as terps and such more than it damages the large concentration of THC. But really a good extraction should be very much the same as what it came from.
  6. I use both bho and co2 extract. I've noticed the need to supplement concentrates with flower to get the other beneficial effects of cannabis.

    My Indica bho gives a body high but doesn't knock me out like a bowl of Indica flower would. I've also noticed the high is cleaner. An Indica dab will relax me but the comedown is smooth and one minute you are high and the next you are totally sober. I guess I would say concentrates lack that burn out feeling.. If that makes sense..

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