Do you look down on fat people?

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    i said yes, even tho im fairly large.

    i havent been under 200lbs since i was 15. i got up to about 270 then came down to about 250 around 17, and then down to 220 at 18. 208 at 19, and now im leveled at at 215. im also 6'2 so i dont look that bad anymore.

    i look down on them only in the sense that i know, that they know they are fat, some claim they like it, but you know they really dont. many overweight people just dont take charge of their own life, and would rather just eat and eat til they die.

    but i feel theres several different reasons why someone can gain be obese.

    depression is one and probably the most prevelant

    and bad habits is another, such as eating something high calorie, and small portion, compared to something high portion, with lots of filling fiber and low calories.

    also the FDA is working against over weight people, and constantly approving poor choices to be marketed to children and adults.

    if you ever talk to someone that has gained a large amount of weight, and then lost it, they all say the same thing, eat right, and exercise several times a week.

    there is no secret, its about having a support system for yourself and a solid plan to live healthy. and then the pounds just come off without trying that hard.
  2. Yes, I'm not proud of it but I'll be honest. I think it's just the fact that I associate 'fatness' with laziness, and lazy people probably should be looked down on.
  3. Subconsciously, everyone does.

    Looks are important. When I was 17-18 I was very scrawny, I started to work out and got in shape and the way I was treated(from both guys and girls) was completely different than when I wasn't in shape.
  4. I don't look down on em, I used to be fat, I know most fat people are bothered with their weight as it is, if you give a fat person shit for being fat, he won't change his eating habits and start exercising just like that.

    It's their business what they look like, I think it's a bummer that they don't change up, but in the end what do I give a fuck? If I see a fat person walking around I only see him for a brief moment, looking down on him isn't gonna help me or him.

    (I used to weigh 242, now I'm down to 150)
  5. Of Course, !!! Who else do we have left to taunt, everyone else has an affirmative action group standing behind them

  6. yeah but when you see them for a second its usually when they are standing or sitting still, and youre walking past them.

    and they are usually eating or drinking something.
  7. overeating is the issue

    because once you get to a certain size, anything you do turns to exercise. thats why they always sweat and are out of breath. their heart rate is thru the roof. thats considered exercise if the heart rate is kept up above 15 minutes.

    but over weight people counteract that with a 12,000 calorie a day diet. candy in their pockets, oversized lunchboxes, 32oz drinks instead of 16 or 8oz. footlong sandwiches instead or 6 inch or bulkie. salt everything they eat.

    unless you work in a cubicle 6 days a week, walking around and for an hour at dusk, along with proper portions is all you need to stay in shape.

  8. Nope. Depends on your basic metabolic rate which differs from person to person. I know people who can eat at McDonalds everyday and not gain a pound. If I eat there twice a week I'm sure to have gained a pound or two.

    Not all fat people are mass consuming behemoths :p A lot of them are, but a lot are just unlucky. Doesn't mean they have an excuse, but it's way harder to lose weight for most people than you'd think.
  9. so you think being fat has to do with luck for some poeple?? i dont think so homie.

  10. I know so. I ate as much as my friends when I was still fat, maybe less. They were all skinny, I was fat. They didn't play sports, neither did I.

    Genetics play a big part in fatness. I have crappy genetics for being skinny, I had to work my ass off to lose 90 pounds, while plenty of people sit on their ass all day eating twinkies and they stay skinny no matter what.

    That's luck if you ask me.
  11. I love fat people <3 they're just lovely.

  12. Meaning they don't have a fast metabolism like other people do, perhaps.

    Some people are heavy because of health problems (diabetes, physical conditions that limit movement, but not limited too), side effects of medications, etc...

    I know quite a few people that are considered obese by BMI standards, and they are in better physical shape than people with a 'normal' BMI. Not sayin', just sayin' :smoke:
  13. Nope
    Some of my favorate people are Fat...
  14. Only the fat people that complain about people insulting them and that they can't lose the weight, then shove a cake down their throat. I really look down upon the fat people that weigh 500lbs and can't get out of bed though.
  15. [​IMG]

    There's a difference between fat and obese.
  16. No, I look down at short else can we hold a conversation?
  17. I went to live with my dad for one summer and for 3 week i had a big mac and didn't exercise,i came back home huge,like a total transformation.Then i started skateboarding daily and lost all the extra weight. But yeah,i see being fat as a health problem that can only be solved by a lifestyle change.And you gotta be self motivated to make that change.Same with quiting smoking or quiting alcohol,it's a lifestyle that the individual has to be self motivated to change.

    So i don't look down on fat people,i feel sad for them,because they are eating themselves to death.
  18. I'm skinny myself, too skinny I would say.
    I don't look down on fat people but I do feel sorry for them.
    I do make assumptions about their discipline and self-control, and I feel sorry for their lack of it.
  19. a slow or fast metabolism isnt pre disposed. it all starts with what foods you eat. if you eat foods that slow it, then you will get fat. if you prefer eating foods that keep your metabolism high, then you stay skinny.

    these things slow metabolism, and they are in nearly all products, in high amounts, thats on the shelves at the grocery story.

    sugar, processed white bread (kids consume more white bread than any other demographic), fried foods, processed foods, and alcohol.

    now how many people do you know eat processed foods and alcohol, and eat chocolate and candy bars a few times a week. a restaurant couldnt stay open if it didnt have a fryer. mc donalds would go out of business if they couldnt fry their fries.

    everyone that is overweight would much rather buy processed foods, than be on their feet cooking and preparing meals ahead of time for the week. laziness and over eating of poor food choices. thats it. its not luck

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