Do you live in a state/country where weed is completely illegal?

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    I do live in an illegal state... not decriminalized, or medicalized in anyway. We actually have a law that weed is legal here medically (1982), but the budget to get it started was way too much (like 420 million) to handle so they aborted the law. So legally, we've been legal since 82' but they didn't go along with it. Fucking stupid! Now, they are trying to "talk" about making it legal....? Wth, it already is, all they literally have to do is make a budget.  :confused_2:

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    Completely illegal here. We currently have a bill in the senate, but it probably won't even make it to a vote. And our governor won't budge until the FDA recognizes medical marijuana. In other words, we're fucked until the government legalizes it. 
    On the bright side, most people hate our governor anyway (not just for his stance on marijuana). So at this year's election, I hope he gets the boot. 
  3. im in the uk. since colorado became fully legal i think more and more people in the uk are waking up.
  4. We're a medical state. But not all areas in the state are as 420 friendly as other parts. Depends on where you are. 
    Here where I am, the county sheriff will do all the surveillance and investigating, then hand it over to the feds and say "we did all the info gathering, now all you have to do is sweep the building and make arrests".
    The result is there are no dispensaries around here. You want weed here, you either grow it, or deal with the black market, or drive 150 miles to buy it legally. There are advertisements for delivery only dispensaries, where you call a phone number, offer up personal info and credit card number, then hope/wait for some stranger to show up at your house with your order. Fuck that! 
    This is what I'm talking about. Nothing has changed.
    If you have a HULU account you can watch the documentary here.
  5. I'm in the UK, illegal here except for a small number of medical patients, as was said above I think more people are starting to wake up since Colorado has made it legal, but it's still basically an anti weed country.
  6. Still completely illegal here, though the penalties have lessened a lot in recent years. Like many others, there's a bill up for medical marijuana, but I'm not really holding my breath on it. Though within the decade, I'm sure things will start changing everywhere, at least in the US.
    Keep thinking Rand Paul might make himself useful and help us legalize, but no such luck of course :rolleyes: Beshear signed the bill to legalize industrial hemp, he might come through on medical.
  7. Medical marijuana has been legal since 1996 here in CA. Thanks to the governator, as of a couple years ago it is now a 100 dollar ticket that is the equivalent of a traffic ticket (not serious at all) if you have up to an ounce on you. Of course they add on to that if you get caught. If you have paraphanelia or if you are in your car with it.
  8. Better than being completely illegal.
  9. it's completely illegal where i'm from (Denmark) but if you use your head you won't have any trouble. 
  10. decrim and med by the state..
    but completely illegal by the fed which is what matters unfortunately.

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