Do You Like Your Name?

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  1. Do you like your name? If not, what kind of name would you pick for yourself? 
    Same goes for surnames and nicknames.
    I always hated my name. It's Jan (Yan) and I always wanted to be named something else. I don't know it just bothers me for some reason and I have a feeling that the name doesn't suits me and I was wondering if anyone has similar thoughts about their name.
    I had a cool nickname in high school but people stopped calling me by it and just use my name now, dang it ...

  2. I like my name, although it is long and has a variant spelling that I have been correcting clerks about since 1st grade! I looked up the meaning of my name many years ago and it means "the pure one, shining, (like) the sparkling sea"! Gives me a lot to live up to! And judging from the huge old dictionary my Mom had, I was almost named Allison. It and my name were underlined in the names section in the back. I think I prefer my real name!
  3. I wish I had my middle name as my first. But whatever its not like im ever legally going to change it.
  4. Yes, it's powerful
  5. I am named after both of my grandfathers.  To hear my parents and their siblings talk about their fathers makes me wonder why I was named after them.  As kid I never really liked my name but as I grew up I have come to enjoy my name and respect the men I was named after.   It is nice to have a unique name people seem to remember it. 
  6. Only name I would prefer to my own would be "Max Powers"
  7. I hated my name as a kid. My name is Juan. As a kid I thought it to be an abnormal name because all my friends names were the generic "tyler" "ryan", which Juan is a pretty generic Hispanic name but whatever. A lot of it came from me being half Caucasian and I only associate with that side of my family so I always felt out of place because I was the only tan one. Even my sister has white skin and what not.
    Now though I like my name. I got it from my dad and he died when I was little so it has meaning to me since I don't remember him.
  8. I actually like my name, all of it! I always said when I marry I'm gonna struggle with wanting to change my last, I don't know why but I feel like I'm just meant to always be Brianna Aliksandria Genovese and nothing else ;P
  9. Let the stalking begin. :ey:  :devious:
  10. LOL! Stalk away, you'll get bored pretty damn fast, you may find nude photos though so I wouldn't try.
  11. I won't let you down my fellow blades. :laughing:
  12. Baha, good luck.
  13. Hell yea I love tha name Andrew
  14. is thaat ypu in your avatar? if so, nice tits
  15. Meh.
    Ruth. It's an ok name.
    So long as people don't call me 'Ruthie' grrrrrrrrrrrr
  16. It's me, thank you.
  17. I think I kind of a childish name.. I can't see people calling me by my name when I'm like 50 years old. Ha 
  18. LOL, when I was in first grade, my mom said I would get an American name. She gave me three options: Alex, Sean, Mike.
    It's weird thinking back that I would have EASILY just been a Mike on a whim. People say "oh, you look more like a 'so-in-so,' but nearly any name can fit with any person; it's just something a person becomes acquainted to and used to.
    I like Jason, because it's a name of a serial killer and an amazing British action-fighting actor. I feel like THAT'S me.
  19. No, I was named after my father. He was never there so I really don't care for my name. Some day when I have money I might change my last name. I'll keep my first name only because he went by our middle name and my first name is Jon which means "god's gift" even though I feel more like "the devil's curse".
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    I like my name! It's Mikki. Nothing else. That's what is says on the certificate but people always ask if its a nickname. I think it's a name that fits me perfectly and was destined to be mine. I'm not sure exactly what my name means because it has different spellings from different cultures. The hebrew spelling (Mikki) has my name mean "Who is like god" or "one with god" but it's a pet name, the asian spelling (Miki) has my name mean either "beautiful story/narrative" or "nimble trees." And I know that Mickey is a name but idk what it means.
     Not to be conceded, but I think I am indeed a beautiful story in the making~~
    I love my name, I learned to spell it when I was little through a song my father (named Mickey) taught me. I think the name fits me because I am indeed my father's child, forever a daddy's girl, and I just think it's a pretty fitting name. People who know me say they can't see me being called anything else. At one point I wanted people to call me DJ when I was a kid but that never stuck so I gave up lol.
    My only regret with such a name is the number of times I hear the song "Oh Mickey you're so fine" sang to me on a daily...

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