Do You Like Your Job?

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  1. If not, why not? What do you do for your job?

    I just got a new job for the summer, easiest job in the world. Mon-Fri, 8 a.m.-12p.m., $10 an hour in cash. I work at a girls college prep high school, in the cafeteria. Every 30-45 min, a group of girls is let out for a break, so they come and buy snacks. I check them out and just work the register with one other person, my supervisor who just sleeps or goes on smoke breaks. I can eat and drink anything I want here for free, and we have a tv that keeps us entertained throughout the breaks.

    I can't really come to work high because I'm dealing with money, so I have to be 100% there, but it's fine. I have to get up at 6:45 which sucks on some mornings, but I get to see girls all day so it's fine. My supervisor is really chill, quite the character too. He's just really rude and impatient to the girls, but all the girls are spoiled and bratty as hell, so I can see why. All in all I can't complain, only 2 weeks left until summer school here ends though, so I only have two weeks left.
  2. Sounds like you have a awesome set up
  3. I love my job. Cashier in concessions at two major venues in NY. Due to obvious reasons i wont say locations & names. The shit rocks. No drug screening. I come n as high as i want wit no problems. I sell guests beer & alcohol and get tipped well. Beautiful drunk women, drugs in the air, i get to check the concert or sporting event happening for free, then leave with a couple hundred in tips. Cant beat it!
  4. i have a temporary position in a law firm, working through a temp agency, even though its temporary ive been here almost a year. I work from M-F 8-4:30, weekends I get off. I consider myself a copy clerk, there is also other clerks such as mail clerk or deposition clerk. All i do is make copies for the secretaries, they give me a stack of paper and i run it trough the copy machine.
    Ive came in stoned before and when there is downtime all i do is browse the internet.
  5. I like my job! It's minimum wage but it's just a summer job. I'm a lifeguard and it's such an easy job the pool I usually work at is empty and the other one is only 5 feet deep
  6. I work at a warehouse part time. The job itself is alright, but I'm getting a little tired of dealing with my boss, who's just an incredibly impatient blowhard who insists that every little task is a matter of life and death. The owner of the business even told me to ignore him. Also, they're fucking around with my hours.
  7. I'm loving my new job.
    Security at a private beach/ marina, so tons of hot girls in bikinis, great scenery and pretty easy work.  11.50 an hour to boot
    Basically saved a life yesterday too, drunk guy was falling in the water face first, pulled him up to the sand till paramedics arrived and hauled him off.  Best job I've ever had, love it
  8. I just started working for the county. Basically what I do I drive to 5 or so lakes a day, sit at each lake for an hour and a half where I may run into 0-10 boaters, tall to them quick about aquatic invasive species, inspect their boat for any plants, lake water, and zebra mussels, then hop back in my truck and be on my phone and read in between boats going in and out. 11 buck an hr. summer job. I have to drive 2 hours for it though. And they are 10 hr shifts. So basically I work 12 hours a day 4 days a week, 7 to 5 or 10 to 8. So far worked every weekend though. >_>
  9. Part time game advisor in GameStop, it's grand. I love my manager, the majority of our customers are lovely and my hours are really good.. they fit around my university timetable really well  :smoking:
  10. I work from home making thousands right here on the internet! Sound too good to be true? I didnt believe it either till my neighbor showed me his bank statements! All you need is a computer and 2-4 hours of free time to get started!
    Kidding. I work in a factory making awesome shit. It's awesome.
  11. Im working them corners homie

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  12. I'm unemployed :/ lol
    I was a firefighter for a year and loved it. Quit that, went to work on a cruise ship as a paramedic, just to see the world (really didn't go that many places), was pretty nice, but my wife got preggers and I wanted to be there for that. Now I'm unemployed. I'm really jonesin' to try my hand at joining the USAF as a PJ, but I know there's no way in hell I could pass the testing with my fitness level currently. Looking at just getting another medic gig, pretty straight forward, just not able to find something for some reason.
  13. My job is easy as fuck, I'm a Samsung Product Sales Specialist and I love it
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    I like my job for the most part. There can be some really shitty areas that I work in, but I just pretend I'm crawling under some house in a war type atmosphere and I have to get the job done as soon as possible before I get blown up by the Nazi's. 
  15. I own a Roll your own cigarette store in CA lol
    Shits dope. I work 4-5 days a week max. One day is generally admin day which is actually fun gettin drive around buying soda cookie and coffee shit and ordering tobacco and counting money n stuff.
    Start at 10 so have time to walk my dog at the beach in the morning :smoke:
    And at work i mix tobacco all day and make sure two machines are running right and watch archer on big ass TV and smoke my E-Cig and generally having a fun conversation with a customer cause the place has a chill ass hangout vibe to it :smoke:
    Love my work :)
  16. Hate it. Simple as that, but for 17 year olds there is not much out there. Plus Its a lot better when you and your friend show up high almost everyday lol
  17. see girls all day, check them out, dude theyre high schoolers lol
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    ^^ Owned lol
    Ninja'd -.-
  19. I have two jobs: lot attendant at Home Depot and landscaper.
    Working at Home Depot is total shit because I do an insane amount of recycling work for little pay (8.35/hr to push carts up a hill, load vehicles, etc. all day). Landscaping is incredibly easy, artistic, promotes physical health, and I get paid 10/hr.
  20. damn dude what kind of a dick business builds a parking lot on a hill, what a dick move for their cart pushers and customers who drive manuals.  i say boycott that shit man
    unless youre in like, west virginia man

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