Do you like Working?

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    Working is often defined as performing tasks you dont wanna do.. But have to do.

    Then again.. All jobs will include tasks that you wont necessarily be excited about.. Especially if they pay well.

    Some people get paid to walk dogs. Others are dog lovers. Others are dog crazies.. So this will vary from person to person.

    Some people dream about being singers but as soon as they realize they have to do warmups.. Repetitive exercises.. Tireless rehearsals.. Etc. They walk out.


    Ive been fortunate enough to have recently found some decent work to pay da bills. Ill be Working all week including weekends.. (less through the week though because i gotta squeeze in college). Got the job for the rest of the year.. So thats a milestone for the year i gues..

    It wasnt always like that of course.

    Ive walked out of one job once.. Because of shitty coworkers.

    The boss there had a daughter with a.. Competitive.. Personality. Always bossing me around.. Blaming shit on me when things go wrong. You can go mop you own floors..bitch..

    See. That was the bet decision ever. Now i dont have to get my hands dirty and i get to go for a ride around town.

    Be a hunter.. A carnivore.. Is my advice.. Metaphorically speaking. You dont get shit for being nice. Good girl? Who gives a fuck. Humble? Here.. Have a cookie. Clap Clap.
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  2. better question is if you like the task that's making money is it still working or just a hobby with financial benefits.
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  3. pends on the day but with my schedual ... fuck no work at 10pm to 6:30am then college at 8:30am to 3-4pm and lucky to get 4-5 hrs sleep a day.... and pretty much have my pay "spoken for" already

    and fuck had a couple energy drinks yesterday/ this morning and got a bit of insomnia from it.... so like fuck I've been going for 24hrs right now and got another 17hrs to go before I can crash for a lowsy 4 hrs and do it all over again..... wish I cold smoke some pot before I crash though since I would be seriously messed the fucked dup, 41 hrs when the sweet spot starts at about 26hrs of sleep depravation.
  4. I like paychecks and having time to kill efficiently, which probably means yes, I thoroughly enjoy working and having work to do.

    Stress...not so much. :bongin:
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  5. yes, I enjoy working and having a job. could always be better or worse.
  6. Yes, I do.

    But I am going to take this Sunday off not matter what. It's been 7 days a week for a while now and I'm feeling a little exhausted.
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  7. Do I like working? No. Do I like my job? Yes

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  8. I like working because it gives me time to do things besides smoke weed. It's also satisfying at the end of the day to know you made money and then getting stoned feels way better after being sober and in ur work "zone" all day

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  9. I'm glad you found a job you don't absolutely hate. Way to go.
  10. yea but only because i'm working towards working for myself. my current job sucks.
  11. Yep I love working at the movie theatre its money and plus I get to find out what movies are coming out and watch them sometimes. Everyone I work with is pretty cool too.
  12. Not able to work, but when I was able to I loved it, despite the shitty jobs I still left feeling like I accomplished something.. not sure if I miss that or the paychecks more..
  13. it's best if you work for yourself doing whatever it is in your life's passion.
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  14. It's a love hate relationship. I love it because I make money at least, even if it's not necessarily decent money. I hate the amount of hours I have to put in, working away the entire day. But at the same time, if I didn't have work, I'd probably be bored out of my mind. Really, it's a love hate relationship.
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  15. I certainly value my free time, but I've had many jobs that I did enjoy, and some that I definitely didn't. I've done a lot of different things to get by. I've grown to like running a business with a partner, and only working part time for a boss at a 'normal' job. It's off season for my business at the moment, and I'm out on medical leave for my other work, and I'm bored as fuck. I'm definitely a person who needs to accomplish something; even if it's not a standard job, I have to get something done. I really enjoyed working in emergency services, I'd almost venture to say that it's my passion, but it can certainly have its downsides. Such is life, I suppose....
  16. I actually don't mind my job, it's easy and pays decent.

    Been working full time since I was 12 (26 now). I feel like every morning I wake up to go to work, I'm one step closer to losing my sanity.

    It's not work, it's the lack of freedom. We are humans we are meant to be free.

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  17. Only if it's for my own ends..

    I don't like working for others or feeling like a gear in a machine.

    I like to build the machine tho :D
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  18. I like working because it gives me things to do, I've stayed at home all the time before and it is very boring, you end up running out of things to do.
  19. I just like to work for what I want . Everyone should work for live, we need earn money to avoid some difficulties.

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