Do you like twitter?

Discussion in 'General' started by budsmokn420, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. Do you like twitter?

    Make sure to explain why or why not...
  2. No

    Hash tags are lame
  3. Grasscity is the only legitimate social networking site. All others are false prophets
  4. No. It's just one more thing I have to join to find out pointless details about people I don't care about.
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    Just to throw in my two cents, I love twitter. I like getting updates very easily all in one place. I can see if there's a party going on, what new music is out, or what the score of a sports game is all in one place very easily...also, some of my friends are funny as fuck and I get plenty of laughs at public accounts as well.

    Not to mention all the cool links and shit people post...Joe Rogan is famous for retweeting awesome shit his fans send him like awesome innovations in science and such...
  6. use to love it. Got tired of it. Deactivated it. Don't plan on going back.
  7. Why would anyone want a twitter?

  8. See my above post...
  9. I don't dislike twitter, I am neutral, as we haven't yet crossed paths.
  10. Twitter was made for attention seeking brats.
  11. nah, too much time listening to others. i might lose myself :cool:
  12. Y'all are crazy lol

    No one on GC uses twitter? C'mon people
  13. i tried it once. i think my account still exists, but idr what it was
  14. usually, but for the past 2 days this guy i know, my ex-friend's boyfriend, has been harassing me. calling me fat, saying 'they'll find your body in a back alley', making up words that aren't even in the english language and using them to insult me, and generally just being an asshole.

    but when that's not happening i enjoy following my favorite bands and stuff and seeing their thoughts!

  15. Damn just block that dumbass and report him

  16. Same with Facebook.

  17. None of those things require a twitter...

  18. Ok? Of course not its just convenient...

    I'm trying to understand the hate. Sounds like a bunch of stoner hipsters :eek: :p :D
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  19. Well which site has the better advantage in getting hot ass girls? Myspace used to be number 1 until the pedophiles and predators fucked it up for the rest of us.

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