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Do you like to think while high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Biochemistry, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Does anybody else like to occasionally just completely focus on your thoughts when you're high? I mean, no computer, no TV or movies, no video games...just your thoughts. I like to think A LOT when I'm sober, so when I'm high my brain just has a field day with creative thoughts. Then I do the smart thing and write down those ideas before I forget them cuz I definitely will if I don't. Here's generally what happens...I'll just be chillin' and get an epiphany. I'm serious...not ideas, but freaking EPIPHANIES! I stop whatever I'm doing and just write down the idea, but in the process my brain keeps thinking of more great shit, so I can't stop writing. Then if I do pause it's because I'm thinking about what I just wrote and then more thoughts flood my brain. I've only been smoking for several months now, but within the last 2-3 sessions, which spanned 2 weeks) when I started having these epiphanies I have written 7 pages worth on a legal pad, which my university gave to me for free. Thank you, university!
  2. Yes, you sound just like me. :smoking:

    I've been smoking several years and still like this. Weed just has an incredible ability to expand your mind, and give you divergent thoughts.
  3. I love doing this. Honestly, weed was the reason I first started doing it, because I got bored of typical entertainment. When I'm not trying to be productive, I'll just sit and think for a bit. If my thoughts start to turn negative, then I'll meditate. Meditation's my favorite :smoke:
  4. I always think of the most creative, innovative, amazing ideas and things while I'm baked.

    Then I forget them.

  5. sometimes i unintentionally get so stoned that i completely zone out of reality
  6. I used to shrug off the thoughts of, "I am smarter when I'm high."
    I still do.
    But, I feel my problem solving is more "sophisticated" if that makes any sense.
    I also have deeper, more meaningful thoughts with myself, and others. (We ALL talk to ourselves when we are stoned alone.)
  7. Do you guys also do school work or anything that requires concentration while high? Hopefully you aren't operating heavy machinery while high.
  8. When I went to high school I smoked before during an after school, it's not that hard to concentration and get your shit straight. I'd prefer to smoke without any work or responsibilities honestly.
  9. Yeah I tend to do this too.

    What do I think about when I'm high? Ideas.
  10. I tried doing school work when I was high as shit once.

    Looked at it the morning it was due in for and genuinely thought I was mentally retarded.
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    I wanted to say at my college graduation that I give full credit for my degree to 1/2 Natural Human Intelligence and 1/2 to a Human Outlawed Planet Earth Plant, Cannabis. I earned a Bachelors of Science in Physics. Simply put, I would have never been able to graduate without the assistance of the beloved plant. Its uses go way beyond medical in my opinion. For me they are the wheels to my mental locomotive.

    * I did try to seek approval through the right people in charge, but was practically told that doing so would suspend my graduation. Never said for a day, week, I decided it just wasn't worth it. Sooner or Later my works will be published, and I can let the cat out the bag then.

    Political Correctness = Corruption
  12. i love it because you "view" everything differently and you connect things(cant describe it) that arent really related.
  13. Yes, I know EXACTLY what you mean!
  14. Yea i definitely gain more incite and think of things from an angel previously unreachable by my sober self. I need to get in the habit of writing things down more because i really do think about some amazing things, which i forget soon after.
  15. I cant stop seeing and thinking of a spider attacking me...
  16. Yeah, dude! Write your ideas down. Then read them when you're sober and you'll really be surprised at how funny or imaginative your thoughts can be.
  17. Since I was the original poster (is that what OP stands for?), I will share one of the thoughts that I managed to write down while I was high. I laughed while I read it sober. Please keep in mind that not all of it is grammatically correct, makes sense, or has correct spelling, but I can assure you that my grammar and spelling when sober are much better. I never have as creative ideas like this when I'm sober. Here it is:

    "Count the number of American presidents that claim to have smoked pot in the past. If there is a large number who do then that means success in life and the ones who are most successful and make history are pot smokers they want to be the leaders that advance the human race. We need to examen (incorrect spelling) other species that have consumed pot. I think that we are the only species that has consumed pot and if we continue to smoke pot we will advance the human race. If we spoke (incorrect spelling) pot we will get smarter and evolve. We are all gonna die anyway so take this chance and become a leader by smoking pot. Right now our lives are only 60-90 years long. We need to smoke pot!! The worst that could happen is that you become infamous for being famous. The worst that could happen is that you play the game "follow the leader". The leaders are the ones who take big chances. Smoking pot will either kill us or not kill us. Don't consume it all at once; start slowly. Use it very slowly; the big bang theory is what sex is. Why do you think we keep having sex!!??"

    Pretty strange, eh? One thing that I think we definitely should keep track of over time is the number of presidents that have smoked pot. I would be very interested in that statistic.
  18. It's probably my favorite part of being high. I feel it definitely expands my thoughts and yet, focuses them so intensely that you get much more detailed and in depth with them. I tend to follow them down the tunnel so to speak to get to the bottom of it. And then it connects with something else and is quite a beautiful thing really. Can see and feel the "oneness" of seemingly separate things.

    Yeah, I'm totally straight right now. Gets really weird when I'm not :D
  19. All I ever really do when I'm high is sit around and think. Way too entertaining!
  20. You're my kind of stoner!

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