Do you like to read?

Discussion in 'General' started by Austin Powers, Dec 19, 2012.

  1. Hey, who here enjoys sitting down with a good book, a drink, and a little bud and just chilling the fuck out?

    count me in

    if so, what do you like to read? i like funny and or suspenseful books

    favorite author? mine's nelson demille, good shit son
  2. Hell yes.

    Bukowski, Palahniuk, and McInerney would have to be my top 3 fav authors.
  3. I like to read if I'm interested in the book.
    Usally only biographies.

    Dinesh D'Souza is my favorite author
  4. I have difficulty keeping concentration on long ass books so no.
  5. growing up I hated it..specially cuz I was mad at the fact that narnia doesnt fucking exist..buuuuutttt now that I'm older I appreciate reading a lot more an quite enjoy it :] can't wait to read 50shades of grey
  6. I like to. I had to read The Hobbit again, you know, cuz the movie. I can't believe they broke it in to three movies. That's weird to me.
  7. i like to read on grasscity, books on the other hand...
  8. Love reading, but unfortunately can't mix bud and books :{ Start reading a sentence, half an hour later I've read the same fucking sentence 20 times and still don't know what it said.
  9. All the time,I'm more of an introvert.
  10. I hate reading books like what the hell man I can think of hundreds of things I'd rather spend my time doing. beatmaking, blazin, beatmaking
  11. I enjoy reading, but I've rarely sat down to do so lately.

    The Hobbit has always been my childhood favorite, but I'm also a huge Winton fan. He's an Aussie author and his classic, Cloudstreet, is another favorite. Matt Reilly is my guilty pleasure.

    I also just got this book called The Cat's Table. Haven't started it yet, but it seems like something I'll enjoy. I have a taste for the adventurous.
  12. I'm a big book collection isn't huge, but I'm buying all the time

    I try to read everything I buy, but I do have a lot of catching up to do


    Right now I'm reading The Noir Forties

  13. I love reading. Solber latley but will do that when I am toked as well. I read very serious books of the time in history that I am very interested in. I usually find myself in the story when I smoke and thats a trip.. Right now I read Aleksander Solzhenitsin. 7 books about Russian Revolution 1917. Play by play.. Minute by minute. I cant put it down but it takes a mature reader only. The way he writes but it is a trip
  14. Yeah I've always been a bookworm since I was a kid. I have a pretty big library but almost all my bks are at my mom's house :cry:

    I'm currently reading 6 books. I like diversity.

  15. That's hot.

  16. Thanks for the compliment about my stuff. Which books are you reading at the moment?
  17. A Home At The End Of The World by Michael Cunningham.
    Just After Sunset by Stephen King.
    The Portable Atheist.
    Women and Public Policies.
    Snowblind by Robert Sabbag.
    Ender's game
  18. its interesting seeing what all you guys raeding! someone said something about reading the same sentence over and over when they're high... i've done that before. it has to be a buzz to mild high, otherwise that will happen to me haha
  19. Come on, there must be more readers out there

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