Do you like to have a nice trusty pair of shades/sunglasses?

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  1. I sure as hell do. They are one of the few items I indulge in. Gotta be lookin' through some good italian shades. what about you?
  2. nope...they make me dizzy. and i cant believe people actually spend hundreds of dollars on them. i cant tell the difference between a $15 walmart pair and a $150 italian mafia jumo jimmy pair
  3. i have a $150 oakleys that i love.
  4. i gotta sweet pair of military issue aviators i got from my gramps who used em in ww2 but i make a habit of only wearing them to keep the sun out of my eyes its like the people who you see wearing sunglasses inside and at night time they might as well put a sign above there head that says huge douche bag
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    I always have my 10 dollar gas station Locs brand in my car with me. The sun be brutal sometimes.

    I'm not that materialistic to spend money on SUNGLASSES
  6. i have literally never wore sunglasses haha
  7. i have a pair of back polarized oakleys that i wear daily. My mom hated on me for spending over $100 on a pair of glasses but as soon as she put them on she was like omg these are soo nice.
  8. Oakleys sonnnn. I wear them all the time, even in the winter. Got baked Thursday night with my buddies and went to walmart at midnight for black friday. Wore them like a boss.
  9. I got 4 pair of rayban wayfayers, and a pair of the new Toms sunglasses. I stay fly for a white guy
  10. I have a pair of black polarized ray-bans. I've had em for 2 years after my 1st pair was stolen which I had for a year. I litterally wear them every single day. Yea I'm that guy
  11. 15$ at Kohls.

    And I look fly as fuck in 'em. . .
  12. Pair of Oakley's I got for my birthday a few years back. Still look and feel brand new.
  13. Got myself polarized Hovens. I think they were like $65. Had em for a while.
  14. Two pairs of Ray-Bans - Original Wayfarers and New Wayfarers
  15. I wear regular glasses so unless the are prescription shades or clip ons I can't wear 'em. But that being said I do have a pair of Aviators from the Vietnam War that my Uncle used to wear flying Hueys.

  16. i -HATE- clip ons -_-
  17. Only the finest the dollar store can offer for me! Sometimes I even splurge and spend as much as $2. :cool:
  18. yes i got my hater blockers
  19. i have a pair of 20 dollar strike kings. love them
  20. haha gotta have them retrosuperfutures

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