Do You Like Those Movies That Make You Say what The Phuck Throughout The Film?

Discussion in 'General' started by HighAsPhuck, May 19, 2013.

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  2. you should watch deathproof by quinten tarantino. one of my favorite what the fuck movies.
  3. i didn't watch the video... :cry:
  4. Another movie that makes you go "what the fuck" is 'Small Apartments'
  5. Lars and the real girl, Gummo, I'm a cyborg and that's ok, Jeff who lives at home, 1 hour photo, fear and loathing in Las Vegas, punch drunk love.

    Can't think of any more right now.
  6. I know it's your thread when I see the word "Phuck" in the title. :laughing:
  7. bong of the dead! you kind of just watch it thinking wtf is going on, its good though but you gotta have some strong stuff you want something to make you mong out a lot 
  8. Tokyo. Gore. Police
    .... 'nuff said

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