Do You Like these Bands?

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Do You Like These Bands?

  1. System Of A Down

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  2. Linkin Park

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  3. Insane Clown Posse

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  4. Bob Dylan

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  5. Rammstien

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  6. Korn

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  7. Rob Zombie

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  1. meh, im not really down with that hole "Im a dork, fuck conformity, ill be who i want, who cares about popularity" stuff.

    people need to stop bitching. be who you want. dont advertise the fact that your differant. then your just like everyone else whos against all the bull anyways.

    reminds me of the saying "Always remember youre unique, just like everyone else"

    so i have to say no... i like my music to be chiiiiillllllllll, nice and slow.

    and linkin park just remixes the same song over and over. i swear to god. theyve made 2 cds, but still havent wrote a new song.

  2. exactly what I was about to say..
  3. bob dylan is the only good one up there, he wrote about things that matterd, all these bands now bitch and complain how theyre life sucks, but now theyre millionaires. i cant stand most of those bands especially ICP, i hate to hear that music, its jst not my style.
  4. i had to go with dylan. the rest are just zombies to the media circut
  5. bla bla bla

    system of a down the best band on the radio right now....

    sorry guys i realy love the heavy hard stuff....

    and they arnt always complaining ...

    oh and um one ever changed anything by sitting back and being chill......
  6. but people sitting back and chilling arent complaining, nothing needs to be changed.
  7. eh, ill listen to some of that stuff if its on the radio.
    im a real big fan of nirvana (i have over 80GB worth of bootleg audio and video) and weezer (especially their album pinkerton). i was also digging evanescence before they became so popular. oh, and audioslave. and at night, i listen to either classical music or eyes adrift... nice stuff to fall asleep to. speaking of which, i think ill go to bed now ;)

  8. system of a down is also a kick ass band
    korn used to be kick ass now they are just gay
    ramstien is kick ass too
  9. I voted for System and Bob Dylan. I was gonna vote for Rob Zombie, but I didnt cuz his new stuff is shit, back when he was in white zombie was kickass. Man, I love that band, White Zombie, it was the first band that got me into metal back in like grade 5, and it still rules, especially when you're stoned.

    And linkin park...ugh, they are one of those bands that actually pisses me off when I hear them.

  10. that my friend we most definitly disagree on....
  11. I voted Dylan.

    Don't care for any of that other stuff.
  12. Linkin park is awesome...Went to the meteroa tour was fun....

    but one question......................................WHERE THE FOOK IS Rooney???Thats a really cool band=D.....Or Jane Addiction wtf are they=D

  13. oh by the way......

    that is exactialy me you are discribeing

    i am as non-conformist as it gets...

    my favorite band is corrosin of conformity

    i mean realy.....

    fuck conformity!

    why should i want to be like evrybody elts?

    why wouldent i want to be just me?

    so what are you saying?

    we should all just be quiet?and do as we are told?

    no way man

    not me

    im not going down with the ship!!


    no way

    not going

    conform to someone eltses idea?

    buy eveything they tell us we need?

    look the same act the same think the same

    fuck that

    fuck conformity!!!!!

    (but seriously i dont dislike you just becouse we disagree)
  14. "stupid conformists"

    if you know what thats from... YES (will farrel voice)

  15. South Park? Oh yeah, I used to like Rammtein a lot until I started listening to Pink Floyd. I still listen to them occaisionally.
  16. hey dingus man, thats cool.

    i have a buddy just like you. totally smart guy. we've spent HOURS debating the subject. people think how they are gonna think right. no point in carring about it.

    but i always figured, every wolf in the woods is just like everyother wolf in the woods. every fish in the see is like all other fish in the sea. just because we are smart, why must we all try to be so differant. once we can realize that we are all the same, that will be peace on earth.
  17. ok had to vote for all. all this music, i would listen too. i like. but old linkin park...yeah..

    ha! yeah thats them in a nutshell.

    other than that, i love hard shit. ive always wanted to bone up on german.
  18. someone as great and influential as dylan doesn't belong in a list with such pedestrian oufits

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