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do you like spoons?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bongsin, May 11, 2010.

  1. what are the pros and cons of spoons im considering getting one
  2. A spoon gives off fairly large hits, and is very discreet. It conserves a lot of weed, and doesn't use as much as like a blunt, and gets you pretty high. Its not constantly burning so you can stretch out your hits like when you're watching a movie and toking. Pretty good deal if you get it for a cheap price
  3. I put down my spoon for my bubbler, but after that broke I came back... spoon hits a lot nicer than I remember.
  4. i hate spoons.. bongs or spliffs for me
  5. Of coarse, they're great for cereal or soup :D

  6. Definitely
    Spoons are pretty cool, I got one for like 30 bucks and it has like a built in handle, It hits like a champ and is a cool Blue with Orange/Yellow/White lines squiggled on it :D

  7. i think every stoner needs a spoon, then someextra accesories like bongs and roolers to change it up a bit, spoon is prolly the simplest and best way of smoking i think
  8. I have a whole bunch of spoons - its the easiest for me to smoke out of... easy to clean.. great hits...
  9. This past semester at college my friends and I smoked a lot of blunts. I've been smoking mostly out of my spoon lately, and I conserve so much bud compared to rolling blunts all day.
    (not that I don't like rolling blunts all day:smoking:)
  10. go for a Sherlock spoons are good but the extra tilt of the Sherlock allows them heavy duty tokes with way less heat on the back of the throat and lungs-
  11. Actually, No i prefer Forks. :p

    But i guess it depends on the spoon, Most of them are pretty good for just a little casual peice i would pick one up and see how you like it.
  12. a nice spoon is probably my favorite way to smoke dank weed, because i feel like that's the best way to taste the weed..and if it's chronic, chances are it tastes really good.

    if i'm smoking regs, i'll roll joints and blunts, but I like to conserve chronic by using a regular spoon.
  13. I have a couple of spoons, a mini bong, and smoke joints every once in awhile. Spoons are definitely my favorite. They are more portable than a bong, and not as wasteful as a joint. The hit is a little harsher than the bong, but if you are used to smoking joints then it is better. Just get one and try it for yourself. Usually spoons from headshops can be very overpriced. Shop around before you buy to get a good deal.
  14. i use a mini spoon most of the time...i have a pretty sizeable sherlock bubbler but it doesnt hit as well IMO, bublers are a little too airy sometimes. i love spoons.

    bout to packa small snapper now before work in my spoon names "morningstar"
  15. #16 XmDXtReMeK, May 11, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 11, 2010
    My order of toking tools:
    - Volcano Vape
    -Helix Bubbler(I sometimes use it over vape when im lazy)
    - My 4 year old glass spoon that i clean and maintain all the time. This thing has the deepest bowl ever and can fuck up a hole party.
    - joints....I only smokem in concerts...

    I don't have a bong yet. Need to buy one saving big money to buy something nice and expensive.

    My first purchase was a spoon and I still use it and love it. It has sentimental value to me because its been so good to me and pulls the greenest hits after vaping. I definitely recommend a good spoon for your first investment. There are no cons to a spoon!
  16. Man I havn't hit a small pipe of any sort in well over a year.. let alone a spoon ahaha.. Actually was thinking on going to buy one... my good one broke a couple years back, used to use it all the time.. but right now its only glass on glass bongs or blunts/j's.
  17. [​IMG]

    This was my first, but I have since discovered that I prefer a dugout better when I'm using it by myself. I guess its just more convenient or something.
  18. Definitely man. I mean they really do conserve alot of bud. I prefer them by myself as I much prefer passing a jay with mates, specially with clumsy mates that would break a nice spoon real quick.
  19. Pros:
    -It's easy to pack, you don't need to worry about papers
    -They can be really cool looking and unique
    -It's easier to share when smoking out of them
    -They provide nice clean hits
    -Your weed will last longer
    -You can get down to the last hit without burning your fingers :laughing:
    -They can be fairly cheap*

    -They make smoking pot more obvious
    -It is illegal to own them (if they have cannabis tar in them)
    -They can break pretty easily
    -Sometimes they are a bitch to clean
    -They can be quite pricey*

    *depending on which one you want

    Hope this helps! Sorry if I missed anything, but despite the cons, I would recommend getting one!

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