Do you like running high?

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  1. I was wondering how many regular runners like running high and such. This poll is for regular runners.
  2. I dont jog everyday, usualy three times a week .I dont like jogging stoned,but maybe half a joint or a bowl of mids thirty mins before leaving when you have that perfect high early in the morning.Nothing better.
    But when im super stoned I don't even wana move farther than the kitchen to get munchies
  3. i love it :D i love it until i get knocked out! that happened to me sometimes yes!
  4. Love it. Just came back from a run stoned actually, if I put some headphones in I'll zone out and stare 10 ft ahead of me the whole time. Before I know it it's 30 mins later and I got my exercise

  5. That is a good idea to get your exercise in.

  6. That's exactly the way I do it, too!! Smoke a bowl, insert headphones and start running. It's so refreshing! I feel like I can exercise better when I'm stoned.
  7. I love running high. If I'm in the zone it feels absolutely surreal- like my legs aren't attached to my body. Y'all know what I'm talking about.
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  9. It kills my high
  10. YES! A few good rips from the vape of a good, strong sativa or sativa dominate hybrid and my workout is awesome! I run and do plyos. I always feel like I can push myself much further while enhanced on MJ! It also makes my runs go so much faster!

    Reason# 4,326 why MJ is awesome!
  11. I'm a big guy and I know if i don't smoke a bowl before I run, I'm going to get shine splints and ruin my week. Keeps my muscles relaxed so I don't end up with problems.
  12. I can't exercise at all with weed unfortunately. I did some biking while stoned and after like 10 mins of biking hard, my heart was racing (normal), but it just wouldn't stop... after like 10 minutes it was still going as hard as before, and that basically scared me off of high exercising.
  13. i do my running on variable surfaces.....

    and i must say.....edibles is the way to go!!!!!!!!!
    i have run/jog for hrs at a time .....nothing like it!!!

    put those head phones on.....

    you think you feel good after 30 mins?
  14. not in 100 something degree weathr...
  15. I've done it a couple times. I feel like I could have gotten lost running on a track.
  16. I don't run as it is killer on my knees, but I do cycle. And when I toke before going I can always push myself harder and faster. I just don't think about not giving 100% all the time, so I do. (idk if that makes much sense)
  17. vaping yes, smoking no. One of the worst things i ever did was smoke a blunt before a high school soccer game in 90 degree heat. felt like i had asthma

  18. I'll bet you that was more the tobaccos fault rather than the herb.:smoke:
  19. I notice if i get high i can run really fast for a small distance but then i get exhausted once i start slowing down.
  20. I have been getting high before running for the past couple of years. Gotta wait at least 45 mins after smoking or your lungs will be feeling like shit. I recommend it.

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