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  1. to my sexy sadie, the loveliest lady in my life!

    sex, smoke rings, and sadie

    there's sadie, lost in a book
    spellbound by words and the images
    always spinning in her head
    cigarette buried between two fingers
    aimed at a cleverly placed ashtray

    and after you've softly nudged the door open
    you can peak in and catch her in literary trance
    a second later, she lifts herself out of the book
    and welcomes you with a slight swing of her head
    and you're always eager to make yourself cozy
    in the warm, weathered blankets, saturated
    with a peaceful, sleepy, smoky scent

    sadie speaks like poetry is read
    her whole body moves like a symphony
    delicately orchestrated to the sound of her voice
    the smoke from my pipe swirling around her
    like belly dancers and ballerinas

    she slips her fingers in between mine
    and like a pickpocket, my pipe is gone
    and an instant later, whispers of smoke
    escape out her perfectly formed lips
    she sighs and returns the pipe to me

    we've escaped to another mindset
    where we both understand vast amounts
    of unspoken knowledge and unseen artwork
    and i don't think i could be this relaxed even
    if i reached nirvana, unless sadie was there
    to share it with me, and a pipe was lit in her hand

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