Do you like MADtv?

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by YoQuieroTacoBell, Sep 25, 2013.


  2. i remember there was one skit where Jordan Peele played montel williams. Shit was hilarious.
    So was every fucking coach hines skit.
  3. I will go away after you shut your face. 
  4. i love michael mcdonald in madtv, always made me bust up. i watched it growing up before i smoked, would love to rewatch them high as fuck lol 
  6. nah, never liked madtv. Found it pretty lame though i'm sure its got its moments.
  7. Always loved early and my friend would always watch it together and die laughing.. I used to record them on my vcr when i was in middle school..
  8. I liked it 10 years ago ms swan was the best

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