do you like it when a tv show makes a reference to weed?

Discussion in 'General' started by liljeff420, Aug 20, 2008.

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    like one time i was watching friends and chandler though he lost rachels dog and he was talking about how he was looking all over for it and he said he looked on the roof and he said "by the way ross, one of your neibors, growing weed" and then he said he was sorry that the dag was lost and he said "but i do know how we can go ease the pain"
  2. Yea I do but Friends
  3. lol that's a funny line :)

    Sometimes it's funny as hell but other times it's just... ugh... I don't really know how to explain it...

    It's a hit and miss thing.

    Pineapple Express - Hit.
    The weed references made on that one show with the angry guy whose always complaining. It really sucks ... Lewis Black was the guys name. All the weed references made on that show suck. Get it?
  4. Yeah i love it and i notice and understand a lot more subtle references since i started smoking.

    Sometimes its used negatively though, i really don't like those.
  5. I love it.

    And for the record, Friends is one of the best TV shows ever made. Nothing annoys me more than when people trash things they've never even watched enough to make an informed decision.
  6. Nothing annoys me more than when people act like something they enjoy is the best thing in the world. I've watched Friends, couldn't stand it. My opinion.
  7. I don't know a single person who doesn't find Friends funny. There's something in it for everyone.

    I don't know... personally if someone can't find something funny in that show, then its probably safe I just avoid them entirely because I see that as their sense of humor is lacking...

    Everyone loves Chandler.. How could you NOT?!?!
  8. I don't know anyone under 25 that has ever watched it. It's always seemed like a bored housewife's show to me and I thought most of the actors were annoying. Anyway, seems like most of the time weed is referenced in a TV show it's shown in a negative but funny way. Usually just reinforcing stereotypes.
  9. I guess it makes sense... most of the people I know are 25+...

    i didn't stop to think that this show has been off the air for a while.. and younger people - despite the fact that they air reruns everyday - probably don't really watch it...

    When I was in high school, Friends was the show to watch...

    I can't think of what Friends' "replacement" would be for the younger crowd...
  10. yeah i love it, all ways makes me :) when i see it on tv, or hear a reference in a song lol :D
  11. Drugs and alcohol.
  12. Ehh... I find Chandler to be rather annoying, personally.

    Actually, I find all the characters to be annoying... That's probably why I don't really like the show. :p

    Observe... The laugh-track free version...

    It makes Phoebe (that's her characters name right?) just seem like an uber-bitch. :laughing:

    Have you guys heard all the weed references they make in that "Weeds" show? I mean, damn. You'd think the show was about weed or something. :smoking:
  13. i liek it when you reference me babeh.
  14. I don't know if its just me, but I've been noticing that Weedandbombs tends to troll. I don't know if it is purposeful or just attitudes clashing, but that is just an observation. Not here to fight, but I wanted to point that out before I actually posted on topic.

    With that said, Weebie has zapped it exactly on point. It is entirely hit or miss.

    Perfect example would be...on Season 2 of House. Dr. House walks into Dr. Wilson's office to see Wilson rolling several joints, explaining that he was doing it for his patient that couldn't roll.

    That to me is perfect on how people talk about weed but don't really blow it overboard.
  15. I dont friends funny at all.
  16. Whoever said it is right. It's so obnoxious when people think something they like is the BEST, and anyone who doesn't enjoy it is a moron or has no sense of humour. You have to respect peoples opinions, for example, 'Seinfeld' is my favorite TV show of all time. But I can totally understand how someone can not like it. I used to find Friends mildly funny, But I can totally understand how someone can hate it.

    Oh and It kind of bugs me when references are made about weed in tv shows. There are certain exceptions though.
  17. I like weed refrences like the way the show Six Feet Under has characters smoking weed like it's normal, but it pisses me off when shows talk about weed like it's fucking crack or lsd
  18. its weird... but it turns me on :smoke:
  19. It all depends. If they are basing it, I don't like seeing it. But if they are just referring to it generally (not really judging it) then I enjoy it. ...Like on that 70's show. :D

    But, yeah, it all depends really.

    -theGreenJo :smoke:
  20. Oh - and Friends, BY FAR, is , and always will be, the best show on television.

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