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Do you like girls....?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by pawpcorn, Jan 21, 2012.

  1. Do you think its a turn on or turn off when girls smoke weed with you...?
  2. Why would it be a turn off? :confused:
  3. I like girls. Stoner girls no. Unless their intelligent stoners than it's fine. I would not get aroused by a girl that smokes though or in the act of smoking, that's too much love for Weed lol.
  4. As long as they can handle themselves and don't yell and scream and shit and chill.
  5. Do I like girls? Yes. Do I like girls who smoke? Yes if they are chill and can hold an intellectual conversation, not random gossip about some person IDK.

    Is it a turn on? No. She's just smoking weed... What is sexual about that?
  6. My girlfriend doesn't smoke, but I think it's oddly sexy when i think of her hitting a bong. I guess I'm just weird. And it's pretty attractive when they can just be chilling with you high, and you love each other that much more.
  7. Definitely a turn on :)
  8. To me it's a turn on. If only because it's something that'd be in common between the two of us and GENERALLY would mean she's laid back and chill.
  9. I'm a girl that likes men and I think this thread should say "Are you turned on by girls/guys who smoke weed?" Because the answer would be "Yes" :)
  10. My ex would never smoke. When she did the first time with me, she acted all paranoid. If she would ever let me smoke...
    I don't really find "party girls" attractive in general, especially when they are all like SMOKEEEE and DRINKKK and crazy about it. But when a girl smokes you out, is chill as fuck, and you have a great connection? That's a dream girl right there =]
  11. Unless they're the slutty ones who only smoke because they want to fit in.
  12. Girls who smoke cigarettes is a turn off
  13. Ha tell that to all the perverts on the smoking fetish sites lol.
  14. Psh I don't care haha... if she does that'd be one more thing we could do together, but if she didn't then I could really care less.
  15. As long as they didn't go crazy after doing so
  16. this really a serious must be a queer. jk
  17. I'm just weird, but I can't stand smoking around women.
  18. weed no cigs yes

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