Do you like dubstep

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    I have always been mainly into rap/hip-hop, although i have times in my life where i listen to everything, but i never liked dubstep and i think i might be starting to like it. You?

    Ps. It has to be good though lol

    Oooops, Music Hall.
  2. I'm giving it a chance, but I find I cant listen to more than a couple/few songs before I get annoyed. Some of the songs?beats? are pretty sick though, makes for a good middle-of-the-night-fuck-I-can't-sleep smoke break
  3. Couldn't agree more with your whole comment.
  4. dub, dub all the way you know where you stand with that. It Doesn't scare me with strange transformer sex noises.
  5. Old dubstep is way better than the new mid range wobble
  6. i love dubstep
  7. I like some dubstep.
    I can't listen to it for a long time though or it makes me wanna blow my brains out. :D

    I like this song :3

    [ame=]Modestep - Feel Good (Eptic Remix) *HD* - YouTube[/ame]
  8. i remember the good ol' days where i could see bassnectar at a festival, and i could actually move around in the crowd close to the front and also have room to dance. nowadays, i have to go ham to get any room to dance :cool:

    ps: yes, i fucking love dubstep.
  9. this is the only dubstep song iv ever liked

    [ame=]Gramatik - Liquified (HQ) - YouTube[/ame]
  10. Dubstep is fucking stupid
  11. Dubstep kills my boner
  12. I've been seeing people mention it around here and I finally played some off YouTube and it sucked.

    Here we go... Someone is going to be like dubstep is life!
  13. Dubstep is life!!
  14. I dunno there is just something, not quite right about dubstep, I cant put my finger on it. ah no, wait, I got it. Its shite. A fad like the 90's and digimom
  15. Dubstep a year ago? ENERGYLEGS!!

    Dubstep now? Fuck no. (Skrillex? -_-)

    I've been Dj'ing EDM for close to two years now. Its sad that anyone can just take a break-style drum beat, play with an LFO knob, put a buncha bass in it, and have a Top 40 dubstep track in an hour.

    In pittsburgh, we got a crew who feels:

  16. I used to like dub step, but now it is just ridiculous mashed up sounds put into some sort of melody. its wack, but there are still a good few songs being released like: [ame=]MitiS - Please Go |FREE| - YouTube[/ame]
  17. Blah I love dubstep. Look up going in for the kill by la roux (skrillex remix) its my favorite right now
  18. Hey brah, Mid range wobble is shiet, and so is the new massive rave culture, but let's leave Digimon out of this.


    this game was THE SHIITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT ! !!! ! ! ! !!

    For reference:
    [ame=]Burial - Archangel - YouTube[/ame]
    [ame=]Burial - Mt Eden Dubstep - Archangel (Bootleg) - YouTube[/ame]

    Never forgive, Never Forget. I still can't believe Mt Eden put a wobble over a burial track and got 1.5 million views.
  19. Dubstep is annoying and stupid. It lacks skill to create.

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