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do you like big penis or small penis?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by thekiller, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. You should start a new poll:

    Do you like a big vagina or a small vagina? hehe
  2. Did you get a measuring tape or something? I don't know many people who know their girth to within a half an inch.
  3. lolol this is why I made it public. Yeah 8 inches is huge I would love to have a huge dick but I think very few guys have 8 inches maybe 1 out of 100? Who cares if she like big dick that's just what she likes like indica or sativa or hybrid if she said she will only take big dick and can only get off from that then well. Here's the selling point for average/small dick. You can tell the girl she won't limp the next day and will be able to sit down and won't choke.
  4. seriously.. i don't know the lenght/girth of my dick. i'm satisfied with it being able to satisfy women. you don't like it.. i'll cum in your eye bitch :devious:
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    FIRST: Your insides are loose. It's like you don't even have intestines anymore. You replaced them with more dick room, obviously.

    SECOND: I own 5 horses. 9" is most definitely horse status. At least donkey status.

    THIRD: Good lord i've never read anything more ignorant in my life. Do you have some sort of like, whistle that makes guys dicks get hard so you can "find them" easy?

    FOURTH: Do you know the average depth of a vagina? Are you an amazonian warrior?
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  7. Is less than 8" or 9" a deal breaker for you? And if the hands and height don't measure up, do you bypass a guy? Just curious.
  8. < Jealous. I wish I had X-Ray vision.
  9. damn, the Sex, Love & Relationships forum seems to get more hostile by the day... can't we all just get along?
  10. mma!?
  11. ...mixed martial arts? wut?
  12. The whole intestines part was a joke, obviously. You're taking it too seriously.

    I've seen quite a few horse dicks in my life time, mainly when the horses are getting it on. Saw a goat dick once too, shits creepy. 8" is not abnormally large, but abnormally rare. Again, you might have forgotten, this argument is about YOU making it a deal breaker if a guy is below 8" which is the most idiotic thing I've heard. It's like a guy saying we will not date a girl unless her tits are Triple D boobs.

    That's my whole point, everything else is a joke if you haven't caught on.

    Hands and height really have nothing to do with it. At all.

    Its okay, you have a huge vagina, no big deal.
  13. ^ James Franco don't like big vaginas.. go on and git!
  14. if you stick it in all the way, and you're on top, she should go cross-eyed.
  15. I think that would be you, not James. ;)
  16. pics or gtfo.
  17. Never said there was anything wrong with it.

    Gotta have huge cocks to satisfy a huge vagina I guess?

    :laughing: I keeeed, I keed.
  18. so hey, if im a pretty small guy and i have a 6 1/4ish inch dick is that pretty average?
    im not worried or anything, i could honestly care less... just curious.:rolleyes:

  19. no.

    Nah we're the same length. Should be average, possibly a little more above.
  20. Wow...People take things way too seriously sometimes.

    My boyfriend's size is perfect for me. And if he wants people to know it, he can tell you. I don't feel like typing anymore.

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