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do you like big penis or small penis?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by thekiller, Jul 2, 2010.

  1. Or you don't care?
  2. I want whichever is satisfying the most. I've only slept with one guy before and he was 7" in length and 5.5" in girth so I guess that's pretty big and it was great I climaxed pretty much everytime. But just because I was with someone who was big doesn't mean I'll turn down a smaller guy now. Again, experience and skills are what matter, not size.
  3. Width is more important than length for me, and in the end it's all how ya work it.

    Every girl has a different preference though
  4. I got a nice small penis and I'm not ashamed to admit it
  5. i'm the exact average size, not big, not small.

    but i'm short so it looks bigger and that makes me feel good. :)
  6. I'm exactly average, and i've never had someone complain haha

    Its about how you use it.
    that being said, some girls just like huge dicks.
  7. Whoops, this is about what kinda penis you prefer, not have. lol
  8. Good for you. Good for you. I like that buddie

    Yea im about maybe 6.5 or im just being gernous. haha.

    I rember reading in an article though a penis only needs to be 2 in to a female her orgasim. So its all about the technique and experience.
  9. oh wtf, i accidently voted, i thought it was how big is yours, lol

    anyway, 6inches , but my dick is deformed
  10. Bick dicks make giving head a little more fun becuase theirs more to work with (can wrap your hand around and deepthroat, or use a full hand instead of just a few fingers.
  11. Lmao^^ A few fingers? That's just weird. If your dick isn't gripable then thats fucked.
  12. im more then happy with my 7incher length

    as long as she can open her mouth wide, we're set

    having a small penis would suck. would prob think about it all the time.
    but a questino the the poll? why would a a woman prefer a small cock(under 5.. as voted).

    i understand liking medium or not to big.... but small and cute like a button? just doesnt to be a fav... when it comes to penis. the ipod nano of the penis's
  13. You know what, I've never thought about it until now.

  14. Are you fucking retarded? Is your vagina like a black hole or some shit?
  15. I'm confused. The thread title is " do you like big penis or small penis?" and the poll options are small, medium, large, or all. When I click on view poll results, there's like 15 guys who voted (btw, most of them voted for large). WTF???

  16. Don't be so judgmental man, let them be who they truly are. We here at GrassCity except everyone, of all sexualities. :)
  17. Kooz likes em large ;)

  18. Maybe you misunderstood. You said you don't go below 8 or 9 inches. Either your vagina is abnormally huge to where only 8-9 inch dicks are able to satisfy you, meaning you are one loose goose...

    or your vagina is an bottomless pit able to take on even the mightiest of horse dicks.

    You must have a lot of problems finding guys if you only go for 8"+. Its a major rarity. Either that you have horrible measurment skills.

    You're very ignorant.
  19. You're absolutely right. My sincerest apologies to all the homosexuals who voted in the poll. No offense intended :D
  20. We should change the name of this sub-forum from 'Sex, Love & Relationships' to 'Talking, lying and arguing about penis sizes'

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