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Do You Like Being a Stoner

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by zeekool, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. I've been smoking for less than a year, and recently I've started doing it more often (almost once every day, assuming I have weed).
    I'm just wondering, for the stoners out there, do you enjoy smoking weed a lot? Also, I'm not trying to offend anyone by saying stoner, try not to focus on my exact wording and more on what I'm trying to ask I guess.
  2. I don't think we'd be on a stoner forum if we didn't enjoy smoking lots and lots of pot.
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  3. I love to smoke weed. It's really a great thing, but too much of anything can become unpleasant.
  4. I smoke multiple times a day (assuming I have weed) and I'm high basically whenever I can be, because I like to be high. Hell yeah I love being a stoner.
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  5. If I didn't love being a stoner, i wouldn't be a stoner..........
  6. i love being a stoner and i love grasscity , i dont know what i would do without it ...probably blaze and go straight to ps3 , thankfully i have a forum full of other high people , what more could you ask for
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  7. Well yeah. I mean what's not to like about smoking weed?
  8. if you smoke too much (multiple times a day), it gets boring and the highs become more of a triedness. but once a day or less keeps it fun and very enjoyable, as well as switching it up with safe unmentionables once in a while (in strict moderation)

  9. Lies!!
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  10. smoking weed makes everything more fun and enjoyable!! So yea I love being a stoner!
  11. I HATE it.
  12. I love it. I love the lifestyle, I love the high, I love trying new weed, smoking with friends, introducing new ones to the wonder. I love everything about being a 'stoner'
  13. :confused_2:who wants to sober all the time...
  14. There's no more stereotypical stoner. There's Marijuana users, and they range from the highest of the high (ashamed as they are to admit it) and the lowest of the low. Weed has taught me some lessons. Not some bullshit philosophy I came up with while I was stoned, either, like real lessons.

    It taught me that not all drugs are bad. Drug isn't a term that should be met with instant negativity, nor should the couplet "Drugs and Alcohol" be used to describe drugs and alcohol, because alcohol is a fucking drug just as much as any other. The only reason they're separated is to further propagandize the public's thought process regarding drugs.

    I know this is against the rules, so I'll keep this shit brief: the other day my friend and I did some LSD. It was singlehandedly the most awakening and powerful experience I've ever had. AND it was absolutely nothing like what pop culture depicts it as. I thank weed for opening the "gateway" and showing me that there's things in this world people will never know the pleasures of because the government tells them it's something they shouldn't do.
  15. I don't put a label on myself or into some sort of social group... So to me you're asking if I like being classified as a stoner? I don't know, because noone classifies me as one because I don't go around flaunting that I smoke weed.
  16. if i didn't love being a 'stoner' i wouldn't smoke weed everyday. simple as that. there are negative connotations that coincide with the word stoner but to be honest, i couldn't care less if someone called me a dumb stoner. it only goes to show their blatent ignorance and uneducation on the topic, thus proving my superior intelligence and the ability i have to actually think for myself rather than blindly follow the governments propaganda.
  17. I love everything about it. I suppose im the sterotypical looking stoner aswell yet im good and school and not stupid and not motivated like the government says i am
  18. There are situations where I don't like it. Like, say, a 'routine' traffic stop, or a checkpoint. But other than that.....sure
  19. nah i hate it. WHY the fuck do i smoke weed? it sucks. me talking to my stoner friends after school:

    friend: "anyone wana smoke some weed?"
    me and everyone else: "no, we all hate smoking"
    friend: "yeah your right it sucks that we're all stoners, im just gona dump all my weed in the gutter now"
    me: "yeah great idea lets all break our glass pieces too smoking sucks"
    everyone else: "yeah fuck being a stoner!" *shattering glass sounds*
  20. I love to escape and relax with the herb everyday, but being labelled as "stoner" isn't something I'm happy with, because it makes it harder to fit in at school.

    But fuck making friends with idiots that go to my high school, I'd rather get high. :smoke:
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