Do you like avocados?

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  1. I live in a country where avovados are hugely popular. Heaps of people in my city have avocado trees in their garden, trust my house not to have any.
    Anyway, yeah, avo's are wicked. But I don't like them on their own. Favourite way to have them:
    1. Guacamole
    2. On toast with salt n pepper (or vegemite or sliced tomato)
    3. Smoothies
    I had avocado on toast for lunch today : )

  2. Avocados are awesome! But really low in calories. If the OP were looking for good cheap sources of healthy calories bananas and potatoes are some of the best options. Along with rice of course.
    At about $.99 per avocado and each avocado sits around 40 calories it is a serious hit on your bank account. Bananas are usually about $.20 each and pack in about 100 calories each.
  3. I like to make milkshakes out of them sometimes.
  4. When they are cheap, I will eat them a lot. Usually just mash one or two up and add season salt and hot sauce, then eat it plain. I used to just add season salt and put a whole avocado (mashed up) on a slice of toast. So good.
  5. I hate them caus when i worked at qdoba i had to use cases of them to make guac from scratch everyday
  6. Yes! I love making my own avocado drink/desert.

    Mashed avocados, 1 cup milk, 3 table spoons condensed milk in a can, and crushed ice is all you need. Mix it all up and you have a crazy good and healthy desert. Yum

  7. Avocados are the best, especially with chicken.
  8. Sooo good!!! Good carbs for you
    • Vegan here, Here's my favorite recipe with them: (everything organic) Sprouted grain whole wheat bread, Hummus (from MHO) , avocado,  cucumber , tomato , 1000 island dressing ( homemade) , a little bit of stoneground mustard, and a shit ton of lettuce and/or sprouts
    • It;'s fuckign amazing try it some time and very healthy
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