Do you like avocados?

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  1. Would you like the texture if it were spread over a bacaon-ranch hamburger?

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    Im trying to think of something green , yet negative right now - just to piss you off
    But I cant  :huh:  wtf lol
    Yes . 
    Yes I would .
  4. dude i bet i would. The only reason i don't like them that much is because i had the avocado sandwich at subway and it was loaded completely with them. I will have to try some fresh ones on a hamburger or something, thats a tasty idea :D
  5. Mucus. :)
    Yes  :p
  7. [SUB]You have no idea how much I love avocados!![/SUB]
  8. What's a great way to prepare them?
    I saw a recipe that involved cutting it in half, scooping out some of the avocado, and replacing it with a raw egg.  It is then baked in the oven at 450 degrees.  More stuff is done to the avocado/egg, but I'm too tired/baked to movie.
  9. That is true. 😂

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  10. Ever tried an avocado smoothie ? They are so good.

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  11. You just inspired me to expand my healthy foods selection. Now I want to try avocados. I just don't know what to do with em? Just take a bite out of one? Lol

  12. dude i will have to try this, thanks for the idea :)
  13. It's basically ice milk sugar and avocado or you can also put yogurt. (Yogurts not as good)

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  14. Im gonna try banana, avacado, orange juice, ice, raspberry and strawberry. oh and peaches :)
  15. god damn I love avocado.  It's like my favorite food... I slice them in half, take out the seed, throw some salt and pepper on that bitch and eat it with a spoon :metal:
  16. YES
    I don't eat meat but I eat fish and tons of veggies. I buy fresh avocados like every week and let them ripen so I always have them in the kitchen. I like to put a little bit of sea salt on mine. 
    Avocados are a great way to bulk up if you're hitting the gym. Eat a lot of them.
  17. never tried one. alex jones told me the avocado council was a front for the illuminati and in this household we are staunch supporters of freemasonry.
    what would you compare the taste to?
  18. Saw a recipe on YouTube for a 6 minute meal. Bag of mixed veggies (carrots, broc, cauliflower) steamed. An avocado with salt, pepper, and a little sweet chilli sauce. A couple chicken breast cut up, add it all together and eat! Haven't tried but looks good and contains everything you need in a meal
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    I'm Chilean! We eat avocados with everything. My mom actually brings a suitcase full of them when she comes back from a visit. Fuck souvenirs!
    I generally eat them plain, but sometimes i'll put some effort in and make it with olive oil, salt and some lemon.

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