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Do you light every drag?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Herbloob, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. I'm completely new to this, but my friend said you have to use the lighter for every drag, is this true or do you just have to get the heat going and each drag re-lights it? I also heard butane is toxic? Is that true, should I use matches?
    Thanks :)  

  2. Matches have sulfur, which also isn't good for you haha, get hemp wick, it's really cheap and they sell it at your local head shops/smoke shops. Also, generally, when it comes to weed, you refer to it as a hit, rather than a drag, which is mainly for tobacco, (at least where I'm from) and it depends on what youre smoking. If it's a joint or a blunt (rolling papers or cigar papers) then no, you don't have to relight it. If you're smoking out of a glass pipe aka a bowl aka a spoon, then yes you have to relight it. Hope this helps!
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    if you roll it right you only have to light it once..if you are passing a pipe you dont always have to re light it..
    if it aint smoking light it again
    @[member="Herbloob"] you have to follow your topic to get notifications of responses
  4. if the bowl stays cherried then you don't have to relight it, but it usually goes out. So most the time you have to relight it.
  5. Everything has been covered above, I'd like to add to the lighter area though.
    Just use a standard £1/$1/€1 disposable/refillable lighter. I recommend not to use a Zippo if you're hitting a pipe or bong as the gas from them is released when it's opened so effectively you get 'high' from the fumes.
    Lighters are safe, everyone pretty much uses them. :)
    No matches though.
  6. Drag =joint. To me so no u don't need to keep lighting a lit joint.

    Ok now if it in a pipe,bong,bubbler any type of glass or metal .if its cherry and producing smoke hit that shit! If its out apply the lighter;)


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