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Do you let your girlfriend smoke for free?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Mr B0NG, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. Or do you make her pay?
  2. oh she pays.... But no money changes hands...:ey::ey::laughing:
  3. above post made to get likes, like dis instead niqqa
  4. Depends how the head game is.
  5. My girlfriend doesn't pay, but she only smokes with me once in awhile and she's a lightweight.

    She's also Asian which makes it incredibly funny. She will randomly be like "Are my eyes ch*nky?" or "I can't see!"

    Besides, even if it wasnt hilarious entertainment, she's my girlfriend and I love her so unless she was smoking like half my stash I wouldn't try to charge her.
  6. I let my gf smoke for free, she doesn't smoke much and she never asks unless i bring it up so I don't mind.
  7. Free

    never had one that smoked enough to be a $$ drain
  8. I give her the heads, and she reciprocates.
  9. I always let her help herself for free and she's the same with me - so it's legit. We both toke everyday (just about) so its not really a big deal; there's always buds around to enjoy.

    Shiet, I dont even gots one
  11. Dunno. Does she make you pay...for sex?

    (sorry, just a really silly thread topic, thought I would point out the absurdity of it)

  12. Although, i wouldnt make my girlfriend pay, asking if he has to pay for sex isnt really the same idea..

    Sex doesnt cost money, its just an action thats done for the pleasure of both parties.

    Weed on the other hand, is expensive and limited.. in most cases anyways.

    I would never make a girlfriend pay, but the whole sex thing is a pretty different circumstance.

    I think its a pretty legit question though, I know i wouldnt want a girlfriend smoking more of my bud then me.. for free.
  13. I wouldn't make my girl pay. Yet I am forever alone at the moment.
  14. Like its been said. Headies for headies. Lol yeah she gets it free.
  15. Everybody in a relationship pays one way or the other
  16. I don't make anyone pay to smoke with me, all of the people i smoke with including my girlfriend. She doesn't smoke a lot so i don't really care and my friends always smoke me up in return another time or bring munchies or drinks or something. It all evens out in the end in my book.
  17. I'm sure a girl wants to be with a guy who makes her pay to smoke. Come on fellas.
  18. My girl barely smokes, but when she does its a little. No way I make her pay anything, are you retarded? If you feel like you have to make her pay for smoking with you then you got some problems.

    Besides, who doesnt enjoy high sex? Like another poster said, unless she's finishing my shit then its no big deal, and even if she was smoking lots of it id just tell her to chill, not pay. lmfao
  19. never make your girl pay. it just looks bad in general.
  20. If you make your girlfriend pay to smoke your an asshole.

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