Do you let girls smoke for free?

Discussion in 'General' started by Cloud10_2003, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Well, I don't, but my friend do all the time cause they got a job. I only take snaps.
  2. I'd tell them to throw down, Weed is not always cheap man.

  3. Come to Vancouver Island man, out here we get pissed if a guy asks 200 for an ounce.

    180 ounces of dank up here no joke, best place to be a stoner ever.
  4. As long as there are cool, I usually have no prob smoking a girl out because my game is usually better when im zooted lulz
  5. I'm the same :smoke:
  6. I used to get smoked up for free by every guy I knew that smoked except my boyfriend. But to be honest if I were a guy I would not smoke girls up all the time but every once in a while if we're we're already hanging out I would

    Guys--me as a girl personally wouldn't get offended at all if you didn't smoke me up lol
  7. hell no if your not my wife or my mother you aint coming near my blunt
  8. I smoke people up as long as they aren't a complete mooch all the time. Gender is irrelevant, but you shouldn't smoke someone up just because they have a vagina. haha

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