Do you let girls smoke for free?

Discussion in 'General' started by Cloud10_2003, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. depends. I'll smoke anyone up once or twice, after that start matching me or I'm gonna get annoyed. Doesn't really matter if it's a woman or a man.
  2. Stupid question.

    If I'm gonna smoke with people I'm not going to charge them. Simple as that.

    If you are going to charge someone to smoke then you probably aren't friends with them or aren't looking to make friends.

    Don't expect people to act like you're making a transaction at an ATM. You're smoking weed with them, not mowing their lawn.............

  3. Yeah I don't really get those people who are like 5 bucks to smoke with me. It's like fuck you man, chill out.

    Then again, if I had to pay US prices I might act like that too.
  4. US prices?

    It's all about who you know man.

    I can get some really good dank for $90 an ounce because I've known the guy for years. But even street prices aren't bad around here. An eighth of well-trimmed indoor goes for $25-$30.

    I can understand people asking to chip in for alcohol, but for weed, it just seems pointless. Especially if you are with good friends.

  5. Well for dank at 20 a gram and 60 an 8th where I'm at, you would sooner share mids.
  6. ^ Word.

    You guys mostly roll over there?

  7. wait i don't understand...isn't weed more expensive than alcohol?
  8. [quote name='"GreenRangerFOH"']

    wait i don't understand...isn't weed more expensive than alcohol?[/quote]

    If you drink shit alcohol. I pay $200/oz for my medical herb, with my card.

    If I drink, I don't buy some cheap bottom shelf whiskey. Regardless, life is too short to he a stingy prick. Take what you need and leave the rest.
  9. I'll smoke with anyone if i have bud, and hope they do so when im out or they have match. I've been broke for months and survived off the kindness of others, and vice versa, its just the name of the game, not everyone can afford 50 dollars for an 8th all the time. Anyways, I do find it lame when people I know are always trying to smoke and have jobs and money, but never buy bags, thats a little obnoxious.

  10. not talking about good talking about a random girl who you dont talk to that thinks shes getting smoked out for free because shes a girl
  11. Uhm, no. because once your nice and do it the first time they think they can take advantage of you and I guarantee when their in their little group of girlfriends they talk about how they take advantage of you and mooch your weed and can get high for free anytime they want.
  12. yes, weeds meant to be shared i dont ask for $$ ever but if someones kind enough to offer then ill take it. i mean if somebody is obviously trying to mooch ill tell them to fuck off but if its a random friendly stranger then sure!

  13. drooling about 200 dollar ozs mang
  14. The guys here that are talking about hoes and sluts obviously don't keep good company. Any of the girls I'd smoke out wouldn't do me for weed, they'd do me because, well, I'm a boss :cool:
  15. If I'm smoking and im in a group, if I have enough weed I'll share with anybody. Or if their really trying to get high even if I only have a bowl of two I'll share.

    But If Im out and about smokin and its my only bowl I aint sharing because than I wouldnt get high.

    Usually with my friends though if I smoke them up they kindly return the favor and smoke me up. But we smoke weed quite often so..were always smokin together.
  16. No just because their girls doesn't mean they get stuff for free
  17. Why would I be smoking with said girl?
  18. Pass her the blunt she probably hit one time.
  19. When friends meet up somewhere, they usually don't have a six pack or handle of liquor on them....

    When friends meet up, they might all be carrying weed.

    Usually my friends and I will chip in and buy alcohol together.

    When we smoke, the majority of us already have weed and those who don't still get to smoke, see how it makes sense?

    And all of us smoke much more than we drink...

  20. o so that's u guys

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