Do you let girls smoke for free?

Discussion in 'General' started by Cloud10_2003, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. yes....because i got that erectiledysfunction kush
  2. [quote name='"Mur"']

    shut the fuck up. i hate it when people make baseless claims like this for NO reason at all. if you don't have anything nice or intellectual to say, don't say it all[/quote]

    And "shut the fuck up" is a nice and intellectual thing to say?? Take your own advice buddy.

    On topic- If a friend doesn't have any of course I'll share because I know they will do the same for me. I'll share with new people as long as they are cool to chill with and aren't thinking that I MUST let them smoke.
  3. i made a picture so some of you people could understand what i mean

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  4. we knew what you ment the pic is pointless

  5. obviously you dont because i didnt ask you if you buy your own weed....i asked you if you let random whores who want to smoke all of your weed for free and nothing in return smoke...therefore all of your replys have been pointless
  6. I'd smoke out any of my friends for free, I wouldn't do it all the time but if they wanted to blaze and I was doing alright I'd help them out. Now there's a difference between girl friends and bitches. Bitches gotta pay somehow.
  7. Generally i'll smoke up anybody for free if I invite them to my sesh.
  8. ooooh arent you a clever bunny??!
    im a girl, your post implies girls dont pay for their own weed just smoke every1 elses, im sayin i do pay for my own & so do my girlfriends, so how exactly is that pointless?

  9. my post: Girls thinking they're going to smoke for free just because they have vaginas not trying to give up some head or put in on bud

    you could have easily said im a girl and i put down money whenever but you didnt i also said bitches and sluts are the ones who do it so are you considering yourself as a bitch/slut?
  10. nah your the bitch here pal :wave:
  11. [quote name='"Demiurge"']

    Ever other female I've ever met that smoke expected to get free bud in exchange for head.[/quote]

    You know girls that will blow you for bud..?

    It's marijuana... Not smack.. Smh

  12. looooool

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  13. Anyone Lol


    I do NOT even bring my weed out if there's more than 4 people
  14. If I have the money I will smoke out my friends. Cuz i know when I am out they will smoke me out
  15. nope but u are cos girls wont suck u off in exchange for weed

  16. i bet if i met you in real life id get you to let me rub my nuts on your forehead until it looked like a turkey sandwich in under 24 hours after meeting you.

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  17. No, I dont smoke out people that want to because they're "cute" (really means has a twat)
    but im bi, and I dont get bull shitted. A girl that was kind of my friend during high school - I felt more used than anything - tried to get free bud from me all the time. But if I dont normally just go tossing it away to closer friends, why would I to you?

    I match and my friends and I always smoke each other out, but im not going to give someone bud/a sesh because they are a girl.

    Know bitches like that all too well, just gotta say no. >.> the singer in my band has a fiend of a gf, always tries to scrape my pipes and shit.. and never expects to pay weed back because shes a girl. Lmao
  18. yeah? i bet if i met u in real life and u put ur nuts anywere near me id chop them off & feed them to you

  19. Solid Rebuttal Guy

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