Do you let girls smoke for free?

Discussion in 'General' started by Cloud10_2003, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. depends on the situation...

    is it a friend? YES

    is it a cool ass chick that you wanna kick it with and get to know? YES

    is it a random stranger that smelt the chronic i was blowin' off my patio and yells "let me hit it" ? YES

    some chick who is actin' like a B.Z.,,, EXPECTING me to smoke my chronic? hell no

    you can tell who wants to smoke WITH you and who doesn't.

    i'm gonna go smoke a fat ass joint and blow it down the street see if anyone want to share...
  2. Depends.
    Most friends i smoke with are guys and il blaze them but they almost always blaze me back.
    If it's some random bitch or some moochy douchebag then hells nawh.
    But in general if the girl is someone who you smoke with often and you know they actually smoke with you not to use you for chron but rather to have a chill time then yes, i have no problem blazing them.
  3. if they're using me for bud then no....if i'm going to get laid or know they will smoke me out when they have weed then sure.
  4. I am with the generous and charitable among us.

    I mean, with my yearly needs being around 400 grams, and my yearly harvests exceeding that then I am left with all this extra bud.

    Mix up some budder, some hash and kief, maybe save some for a rainy day. But I still have all this extra that I just cannot smoke alone. Compensation is good, but I will take compensation in the form of a good conversation like maybe some knowledge I didn't have or just an ear to talk to about my own BS.

    If I knew more girls that smoke I would smoke out more girls. Chicks are weird though. They either think I am too charitable and don't want to chill or they try to take advantage of me. It's hard to find that lady who will just as easily share as she will receive.

    To me, the problem with the world is that everyone is so jacked up on "what they got." If you believe in karma, and I think most people do, then share more and receive more to share.

  5. Your avatar of "forever alone" fits you PERFECTLY if this is your means of thinking.
  6. Yes. I never make a female buy weed for both of us to smoke. I might make her get the cigarillo or something but as for buying weed, I supply

  7. You are a sad ignorant little boy.
  8. If a person meets the criteria for me to want to smoke with them I don't make them throw in :smoking:
    idk if your fucking with randoms..
  9. If you are my friend and don't have bud, you can smoke my weed.

    If you are a random person, male or female, and I feel like smoking and you happen to ask nicely, you can smoke my weed

    If you randomly come up to me, and ask, and I say nah, and you are female and act like a tease to get high, you can not smoke my weed

  10. im ignorant because i dont want to smoke random sluts who only want to use me for my weed out? lol ok im fine with that :)
  11. You are ignorant because of the way you view/treat women. I'm done with this thread now goodbye.:wave:
  12. [quote name='"Spaced"']

    Your avatar of "forever alone" fits you PERFECTLY if this is your means of thinking.[/quote]

    And that kids is how a proper burn is executed.

  13. LOL i'd rather die alone with all my weed than be with people who only want to use me for my weed.....if you want to waste all your money to smoke everybody out who will only come around you for that reason...go ahead fine sir more power to you

  14. [ame=]Dr. Dre - Bitches Ain't Shit feat. Snoop Doggy Dogg & Dat Nigga Daz - YouTube[/ame] :wave:
  15. yeah as long as she isn't drunk

    no drunk bitches be touching my herb
  16. Free weed for everyone!

  17. shut the fuck up. i hate it when people make baseless claims like this for NO reason at all. if you don't have anything nice or intellectual to say, don't say it all
  18. The girls I know that smoke regularly its back and forth on who throws down. But I think some people are reffering to the bitches who you never talk to who text you saying they want to smoke and never throw down cash. Those bitches can get smoked out twice unless I like them better than that after that I straight up tell em where da money
  19. I smoke out my manager all the time. I have a better connect than her and give her a few hits when I smoke at work.
  20. hahahahahaha grow up wud ya. i always buy my own so do my friends, youre hanging around wi cheap girls get new friends if it bothers you that much....and do u really expect them to giv u head just cos ur givin them a bit of smoke?

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