Do You leave A Item Of Value At Your Plot

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    I always went garage selling looking for old knifes and items to leave at my outdoor plots. I will leave a fanny sack with a pack of smokes some change and a lighter. I will leave an old hunting knife. I will lay quarters on the ground on the way into my plot. I lay all these on the ground and remember how they were layed. Hunting knifes work great for you can point them into rocks so that if anyone looked at them you would know it was moved.

    Clean your prints....

    If a person has found my plot I want to know.
  2. i have a backpack with nothing in it and ive got a litle peice of cellotape on the bag like connected to the two parts where it opens, and if anyone opens it it will be stuck to 1 part
  3. i pinned a fiver to a tree i got the advice from another blade on here
  4. half pack of cigarette;s with 10$ in cellophane can help you.
  5. those are real good ideas 5150. i got real paranoid once and got some fishing line and tied two small plant branches together at the entrance to how to get to my ladies. turned out my gut feeling was right and the next day it was broken so i immediately took my plants and moved em somewhere else. couple days later i checked the spot again and whoever had been to my plot had spilt some fresh potting soil on the trail so i know for a fact they were planning on transplanting and stealing my ladies. moral of the story is ALWAYS GO WITH YOUR GUT FEELING!
  6. i'm going to do this from now on, i know i would pick it up.

  7. yeah for sure dude even like a couple quarters right at the stalk. id always pick em up. knife would be good but anything worthy of being picked up is gonna be a cool knife. i think the best would be a fat wallet. like just get a cheap ass wallet and fill it up with fake paper so it looks solid. nobody would skip over a wallet on the ground. they'd assume the grower dropped it outta his pocket no questions asked.
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    Your post would let you know a person was there. But when the person opens the wallet and sees that it is a decoy he will know that you know he was there also.

    anyone will pick up a fanny sack the same as a wallet. They will just think you left your cigs and some bills and change.

    Or you could still the wallet of the person you hate the most and leave it there. LOL just kidding.

    See where I am going?

    Also is your cool knife worth your grow being in danger? I got 3 old hunting knifes in my garage that I paid 3$ each at a yard sale. well worth my grow.
  9. how about a bucket of bleach hanging from a tree? set up a fishing line so when they walk into it, it gets dumped on the person and they're forced to turn around and go home empty handed but covered in bleach.

    THAT wouldnt be fun

  10. very true.
  11. bucket of bleach lol wtf , anyway it's a bad idea to boobytrap your growing spot

  12. it was a joke but god damn would that suck.

    yeah you might get too high and forget about it because it never set off after 3 or 4 months :eek:

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