Do You Lay On Your Stomach?

Discussion in 'General' started by Nugagerube, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. they only wanna do it because they know they can't anymore :laughing:

  2. LOL! Honestly wouldn't surprise me.
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  4. I sleep sort of on my side. 1 leg is propped up with a pillow the other one is spread if I find a comfortable position for it, otherwise its like my hip is sideways, the opposite arm(to the propped leg) I prefer to be under my head pillow, the other arm on my side or behind me, unless its actually cold(which it rarely is unfortunately) then I have both my hands up against my chest.
    I think it kind of leaves my spine twisted, but I'm sure I toss around enough I normally get in a decent position.
  5. I sleep standing up
  6. I'm more comfortable going to sleep on my stomach, but for some reason tend to lay on my back more often
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    Ha this is one of my most common positions
    Either gotta be on my stomach or sides. If I'm on my side, I usually like to have a pillow between my legs.
  8. I do and it's sooo comfortable when I'm going to sleep but when I wake up my back usually hurts.
  9. We have so much in common.  :love:
  10. All stomach layers represent! I can't for the fucking life of me fall asleep on my back. I guess that's why i've never had sleep paralysis.
  11. I gotta sleep on my stomach and I put a pillow on each side of me so I can cuddle wit it or I'll have trouble sleepin'
    that article says it's bad because your neck is turned to the side, but even people who sleep on their back turn their neck to the side.
    i read somewhere that people used to sleep on their stomachs because they thought demons would enter their mouths if they slept on their backs. people back then were dumb as shit.
  13. I sleep like a vampire in a coffin hahahaha 

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