Do You Lay On Your Stomach?

Discussion in 'General' started by Nugagerube, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. I never lay on my stomach. is that weird?

  2. I don't either, uncomfortable.
  3. I don't think anyone does
  4. I dont either, its like your waiting for a ghost to assfuck you or something 
    plus i dont want to put that pressure on my organs might explode 
  5. You'd be surprised! When I was pregnant with my daughter, I joined a group with other ladies due at the same time.. The number 1 complaint/question was "I can't sleep on my stomach anymore/can I still lay on my belly?!" :/ ow?
  6. I sleep on it sometimes
  7. Gotta put one aarm down one arm under pillow and one knee up.

    Do it wrong and shit will fall asleep and ull wake up

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  8. lol i do that for like two seconds every night in bed. its odd and i immediately change position.

  9. It's bad for you, doesn't allow your ribcage to properly expand.
    Some of my girlfriends (girls that are just friends lol) do it and I saw one of them do it the other day and she looked comfortable so I was like wtf? maybe im weird and shes right. By the responses I guess I was right.
  11. I can never fall asleep on my back 
  12. I do sometimes. Every time I wake up I have a huge raging boner. I dont know why but sleeping on my stomach causes me to have morningwood.
    I usually sleep on my side though like an upstanding model citizen of society.
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    Only if I end up drunk. REAL drunk. 
    Hell, if I'm drunk I'll be sleeping in handstand formation in someone's bathtub with a fucking party hat on.
  15. i usually sleep on my stomach or on my left side, comfortable for me :D
  16. its pretty bad for you but ya i sleep on my stomach
  17. It's just uncomfortable. 
  18. I usually sleep on my side but I'll lay down on my bed on my laptop or something on my stomach.
  19. I'm laying on my stomach right now using my laptop on my bed. I actually prefer it and sleep that way or on my side.
  20. why is sleeping on your stomach bad for you?
    i usually sleep on my stomach or my side, only if i'm really tired i cna fall asleep on my back

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