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do you laugh different while high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by aidenmurrey, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. i do, do you? why is that you laugh different while high? i dont know myself.:smoking:
  2. Hell yes. Im loud as hell when I'm sober laughing, high I laugh and its pretty quite. At least I think it is :smoking:

    Its like sounding different when sober and high. Sober I have a clear loud voice. High and it turns into a lil wayne raspy sounding low voice.
  3. mines the opposite i laugh loud as hell high and quite sober lol
  4. Yeah....when I'm sober its like a controlled normal laugh and when I'm high it becomes a hysterical uncontrolled crazy laugh...rofl.
  5. Yeah I tend to have a way different laugh when I'm blazed, but sometimes when I'm sober I will laugh my "stoner" laugh.
  6. If my throat is all thrashed from a hot piece then I get this super low raspy voice lol, but my laugh is about the same. Just longer.
  7. Yes. My stoned laugh sounds retarded. It's starting to creep into my normal laugh somewhat too.
  8. i deff laugh different. that's how my old lady knows i'm stonded when i come home somedays! lol
  9. yeah. when i'm not high i do a deep & quiet stoner laugh but when i'm high and something is really funny (Jim Gaffigan) i do that laugh old people do when its like a high pitched exhale. idk wierd shit hard to describe
  10. I laugh like I'm drowning. all choked up
  11. I laugh in my high voice, depends on who/where I am though.
  12. i think i have the stereotypical stoner laugh.. you know what it is... i cant really tell tho, i have a lot of diff laughs and dont really pay attention
  13. nah not really, but my drunk laugh is nuts
  14. I laugh more when Im high

    and when I talk it's a deeper more relaxed voice unless I'm talking while I'm laughing then it's normal for some reason

    I think. It's not something I think about while under the influence of mary jane
  15. i usually kinda forget to close my mouth, so sometimes ill laugh so hard/long i'll drool. but i think it sounds the same. I know this girl that had a normal laugh until she got high and her giggles sounded like mice, it was so weird.
  16. My laugh only changes when I'm really fucked up. It's a good thing.
  17. That might just be your high bro haha
  18. My sober laugh is a regular cartoon "haha" until somethings hysterical it gets kinda a high pitched. My stoned laugh is this high as fuck yell type thing
  19. Weed has made so chiller than I used to be before I smoked that people ask me if I'm high when I'm stone cold sober.
  20. Yeah it's different, when I'm sober I'm like "hahaha." When I'm high I'm like "hahaha."

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