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do you know who my avatar is?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Ice Man, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. Do you know who my avatar is? 
    Just want to make sure at least some people get it. 

  2. george gervin!?
    He was the top dog until MJ came into the league.
  3. My pops told me they compared MJ to him like how they compare lebron to kobe now.
  4. I'm only 20 so I didn't recognize the face (although some names came to mind, including Gervin's) but your name gave it away haha.
  5. any1 watching the game tonight?
  6. Hahaha Glad someone gets it!
    The Iceman knew how to play the game.
    I was either going to use George Gervin or Val Kilmer in Top Gun.
    I think Gervs was a good choice haha
  7. I probably am. I haven't watched the NBA since I was probably 14 because the Sixers have blown since, but I'm a big Tim Duncan fan and this is a must watch game. Anyone who likes sports is definitely going to tune into this game, even if it's to jump back and forth from another show and the game. It's a must. 
  8. That's not a reason to stop watching your team though! I've been a Warrior fan since the late 90's lol, now it's finally starting to pay off
  9. Basketball is probably number four on my top big four sports list.
    Baseball, Hockey, Football, Basketball (in that order)
    And besides, the NBA is so lopsided now. When I was 14 (2004), the NBA was fun. There were no "super teams". It's horsepoo now and I just can't take an interest in it.
    I'm a big fan of college basketball though.

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