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do you know what i dont?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by fbm, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. has any one ever come across the situation of a weed that really crackles when you smoke it and the ash doesnt like to fall off. i was thinking that it must be laced but after examining the other buds they smelt, tasted and over all seems to look normal. any how a little feedback ideas would be excepted.
  2. I've had shit like that. An explanation would be cool.
  3. Sounds like your smoking seeds to me! +rep
  4. I was smoking some nice KB with no seeds at all.
  5. its probably not dry enough yet
  6. i think that happens when the grower doesnt flush the plants properly
  7. idk man, think of all the variation in density and moisture thats found in weed. When you bring heat into the equation its bound to happen. Make sure theres no small under-developed seed pods or the like as that does it.
  8. that shit happens to me all the time, man.
    no worries

  9. Entirely possible.
  10. I would bet it's little seed casings and stem particles in the bud...

    Do you use a grinder and then just pack it up?
  11. That seems to Happen when smoking seeds, or when the bud is not dried all the way.
  12. ever run across someone with dry weed that adds an orange peel to it or a sponge or something, to rehydrate the bud? that could explain it

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