Do you know anything about snakes?

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  1. High guys! If anyone really knows about snakes and their health, then let me know. Cleopatra and Caesar aren't feeling well and I can't get hold of my travelling doc.

  2. this reminded me..(stoned right now bong :smoking:)two friends and i were riding around smoking a couple of bowls from her pipe the other day and smoking a couple joints and we were riding back roads and so we were goin to turn around on a lil access road and there was a big puddle and it had a water moccasin in it and we sat and watched it for like 15 minutes whispering about how fucking cool snakes are...then we smoked another joing was fun :D....sorry, but i dont know anything about snakes...but i truly do hope they feel better soon :D
  3. Thanks Norm!!!! I have looked up every disease that's out there and I almost think that they are gagging from my cat sleeping on the tank and getting fur in their water. My doc is coming over tomorrow afternoon just to check them out. Caesar is gonna be a daddy so I want them healthy!!!!!
  4. lol..people call me norm now...hehehe...thats if only i had a beer and was sitting in a bar
  5. I have a Ball Python. What seems to be the problem? What kind of snakes are they?

  6. They're Balls, too. Cleo did it first, then a few days later Caesar did it; but they make a loud gagging noise that is really freaky and then after a few minutes they readjust their jaws like they do after they eat They still have good appetites and are active.

    My doc took what she needed to run some tests and she 's gonna get back with me but she says she has never seen snakes do what I say they do without actual regurgitation. We pretty much ruled out everything that you normally hear about and it's definitely not respiratory. She is testing for Hantavirus. The symptoms don't match up but she wants to be on the safe side. She says the cat hair thing is highly plausible.

    I use to have a Conant's Milksnake and an Albino Banded California Kingsnake and had never had any problems with any of them. Cleo had a respiratory thing once but it cleared up after a good shed. I don't know. I hope they are going to be ok! I've had Cleo for 5 years and Caesar for 2.
  7. That's odd. I've never heard of anything like that. They're old enough, so they're pertty much house broken. I had a few problems with Sydney when I first got him, but he adjusted pretty well. I've only had him for about 7 months, but had a ball a couple years ago. He came imported from Africa, so they can come with alot of deseases and parasites. I've found a couple ticks on him, but that's all. I hope everything turns out cool with Cleo and Caesar. Have they bred before this?
  8. This time was their first breeding session that I know of. I cut their food off in November and didn't start feeding again until late March to try to force breeding and when Cleo had her first good shed of the season she and Caesar rolled around their tank for many hours at a time for several days. It was pretty cool to watch them.

    I had a Boa Constrictor for a while that started out with hella mites but one treatment and he was fine. He just wouldn't destress and would emit that yucky smelly odor whenever you handled him. My Kingsnake did it until she got used to me. My hands would smell gross for a day or two because the shit just don't wash off. She was blind and the people who had her 3 years before me were scared of her and would poke at her with a stick and hit her when she'd strike at the food and miss and get them. She couldn't help it. She would strike my hand and coil around it thinking she got the real thing. Her skills were awful so I stunned the mice for her and gave her the time to get it. She calmed down alot and became a good snake.
  9. Im a professional in this line of work(my little bro has a foot long garder snake in his aquarium..) I bet its due to a lack of love...coil up with them infront of the fire and read them a good story...treasure islands always nice...maybe a dr seus book would work...the main goal is to let your snakes know you love them...


  10. Oh, they get love and lots of it.

    NuBBiN???? Do you need love? Do you need someone to read Treasure Island or Green Eggs and Ham to you???? One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish?????? Huh, NuBBiN?????

    Who the hell is Norman???????

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