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Do you know anyone that buys like this?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by The Day Tripper, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. A few people that I know seem to ask for their weed by price or something,as in "lemme get a 10 (20,30,40...whatever)".I've always asked my dealers for what I want by the specific weight that I'm looking for and it looks like most of you go by that system as well.It seems like it's kind of easy to screw you over the way that they do it.

    Sorry if this is a weird/stupid question...I'm just curious.
  2. Yeah I know what you mean.

    I always ask for the price of the specific amount of weed that I'm going to buy. If say I only have 20 bucks and an eighth is 25 then I ask for a 20 sack instead of an eighth.
  3. If im buyin shwag I use terms like 10 sack or 20 sack cause well..they speak for themselves

    a 10 sack is a dime and always will be so that doesnt matter what I say

    With grams yea some price talk may happen
  4. Ya around here its $20 for like .9-1.2 of haze and everyone does that so they all kno what a 20 bag is.
  5. I usually say let me get a gram, eighth, whatever. When it comes to mersh, sometimes I say 10 or dimbo, dime, because thats always the same.
  6. shiit i always say want i want by the gram fuck that its either an 8th, quarter, or an half O simple as that im in cali some ppl will try to get over on you. and we all know theres been that time when you picked up that short sac and either think about going back to the dealer or actually go back. make it specific : )
  7. we go 8 grams for 60 here, its usually what a get simply cause its easy to pull out of a bank machine.
  8. Some people you get a better deal by buying 10 and 20 sacks. My brother knows this dude who gives him about 1.5-2 grams for 10 bucks, 3 for 20 and then when my brother bought a 1/8 of him it was 30 bucks and weighed 3.6...
  9. wow, your brother knows a shitty dealer... I've never seen or heard of anything like that before
  10. Unless im buying kb i always get my bud by the price.
  11. ive heard the whole 10,20,30 etc... word usage - Personally I like it
  12. Noone would ever say

    "Can i get a 20 sack?" here in Canada, that's jokes.
  13. i hear that shit all the time, 10,20,60,100 sack, that doesnt bother me, but what does is when someone asks for like 20 worth, or like a 20 bag. that pisses me off. i dono why. lol

  14. i hear that kinda shit all the time man, but i usually just tell my buddy how much money i have and he tells me how much weed he can give me
  15. Lol yeah, I know some people like that.

    Old highschool buddy of mine from a while ago, I swear, he will come over and be like you got any bud you could hook me up with? I got 4.50...

    4.50? What you want a .25 of kush?

    God, the things we do for friends :rolleyes: It pisses me off tho, I don't even sell, I buy weight and people just figure if their normal connect can't come through, hey XXX always has awesome bud, lets just go get some from him. And they just stop by my house like fuckin beggars. (you can tell this aggrivates me)

    The least they could fuckin do is get together 20 bucks though, idk what they expect for 4-5 bucks lol, its not like I buy mids for myself, how much lemon kush am I supposed to give someone for 4 bucks? My scale don't even weigh that small.

    Ah well, Ill just vent on here cause im to nice of a guy to not help an acquaintance in the need of bud.
  16. I used to get fat dimes and dubs all the time from this one guy. His prices weren't that great at all but if you bought a dime he'd just chuck some weed in the bag without weighing it and sometimes you got like 2 grams for 10$ of weed that's $30 an eighth.
  17. Everyone I know that sells schwagg sells it for $40 an ounce. So generally people ask for a 10 sack (1/4), 20 sack (1/2), or an ounce. When buying dank everyone just calls it by weight. Buying a 10 sack or 20 sack of dank just seems stupid to me. .5-1 gram of dank seems so pointless when you could get a half of good schwagg for the same price. but then again, a lot of people are weed snob faggots.
  18. im frm england and wna know some stuff about american weed smoking culture, firstly do all of you roll blunts and use no backy? secondly how much is an ounce? by the way i only get this from hear say over heren nothin solid, and also do u use brown rollin' papers? cheers
  19. I knew this guy once that would sell eighths for 50, but if i asked for 40 (instead of weight) i'd get like 3.2 cause he was too f'd up on pills to try and do the math

    too bad that guy isn't around anymore
  20. Thats what I said... But yeah like Horus said for the most part the dude doesn't weight out 10 and 20s but does for the 1/8... Just works out better in the long run, I guess.

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