Do you kno my 'Dro?

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  1. Apparently, several years ago, someone in the US or in Canada made a Hydro grow box that was so perfect for weed, they illegalized it in America.
    A few years after that, my best buddies uncle and a few of his friends invested 6 grand each (box) into having a few of these shipped over here from Canada. Uncle's plans for growing never worked out for some reason, and he's let his dearest nephew take the reigns.
    One of those spiffy things now sits in my friends garage, collecting dust.

    In a few weeks, it will sit in mine, clean and functioning.
    The box is about 3 or 4 feet cubed. It houses 6 mother plants and has a seperate space that can hold 3 clones or seedlings. It has a nifty built in computer thing that measures the water nutrients and pH levels. It also does...god knows what else. It's a sophistimacated piece of technology.
    Anyone know what thing I'm talking about? I want to do some research on it, but I don't know what it's called, and google doesn't seem to register "Illegal hydroponic grow kit" as anything unusual.
  2. That's not true.

    Secondly, it's probably something like this
  3. Holy shit! 6,000.00 USD PER BOX???

    Damn I'm in the wrong business. I should get some sheet metal, crimpers and some plastic wheels and start making my future! hahaha.....
  4. for real, you can buy and deck out like 10 4x4x7 hydro huts with 1k lighting each for that cash lmao

    no way the space or lighting is in that box for a yield worth the money imo
  5. Hey if it's free i'd definitely take it. But I don't think a growbox has ever been made illegal though... Good Luck when you get to it. Hope you legal in Cali.

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