Do you kiss your pet?

Discussion in 'General' started by GolgiApparatus, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. Do you kiss your dog/cat/pet? Not necessarily on the mouth

  2. I used to kiss my dog on the top of the head, I would never have kissed his mouth that's disgusting. Dogs eat shit 'n shit. Buut, he's dead now so I can't do that.

    My cat wouldn't like it very much if I kiss him, I'll just butt heads with him and he loves it.
  3. i kiss my dog all the time. i love the damn thing more than most people i know. OMG she is the sweetest
  4. My dog and I have our own kiss... I refuse to touch my lips on his nasty, shit-eating mouth... But I mean I kind of do. I put my face up to his and make kissing lips and he just looks at me cross-eyed and licks his tongue out... I try not to let it touch me, but that is our understood gesture of affection towards one another.
  5. LMFAO! hahaha, dude.. have you ever seen that old TV show "The Little Rascals"? well theres this dog on there and it always made these weird fuckin faces and i just pictured that as your guys' kiss. :laughing:

    thanks for the laugh, man! :D

    EDIT: and sadly, i dont have a pet to kiss. :( i think im gettin a rat soon, though.. theyre pretty fun to play with when youre stoned. :)
  6. The human mouth is far dirtier than a dogs
  7. thats what my girl told me after she kissed her dog.:hide:

    kinda weird, i dont kiss mine! ive seen that fucker eat shit!
  8. yup, ditto
  9. I kiss the kitten on her cute little head. Who can resist!! Oh, she hates it.
  10. dogs' mouths are clean compared to humans. if we eat a blue lollipop, our tongues stay blue for a long time. however, if a dog has a blue tongue, it goes away in like couple of minutes? something of that nature. at least someone told me. but i do kiss my dog! only because it's very rare for him to give me a kiss instead of a snarl. we have a lois/stewie relationship. i love him but he hates me. so i cherish the love he gives me..
  11. Haha, I do that with my dog. Or sometimes I'll just say kisses and she'll try to lick my mouth but I don't let her.
  12. i kiss both my dogs. i trust dogs more than i trust humans any day of the week. i have shar-peis what kinds of dogs are you guys livin with?
  13. i jjust saw some health myths thing and one of them was that a dogs mouth is much cleaner than a humans. thats just untrue it said a dogs is far dirtier. beesides we brush our teeth twice a day everyday. dogs never brush their teeth.

    but to answer the question. yes i do kiss my dog, cheeks and forehead.
  14. I use to kiss my dog on the top of the head but she smells so i don't do it anymore.

  15. chihuahua. 4.9 lbs. awesome dog.
  16. My cat loves when I do that, too.:smoking:
  17. I have a German Sheppard. I do kiss her on the head. She has gotten to where she, now, kinda bends her neck down when she gets out of the cage so that I can kiss her/praise her. I've had several dogs in the past, but this one is worth a kiss on the top of her head honestly. German Sheppard are efin' cool.:cool:
  18. Hell yea man. I have a German Sheppard and she is so smart. They are the coolest dogs to have.
  19. Yep i kiss my cat on the top of the head all the time, and she licks me back. Also, she'll bop my nose with her paw, because when she was a kitten i'd tap her nose with my finger, and i guess she picked it up.
  20. animals are fuckin filthy, i try to keep even my hands away.

    right after she just got done rolling in her litter box filled with shit and piss.

    why dont you just clean it? lol

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