Do you kiss and tell?

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  1. Do you tell your homies/girlfriends about your wild sexcapades? Or do you lay low with a grin?
  2. Lay low with a grin. They don't need to know and I am not a braggart. :smoke:
  3. To a degree, I feel at one point or another the topic of conversation lands on who's been doing what with who. But I like to leave it up to my boys imagination. That way they don't realize that I get nothing hahahaSent from my SCH-I535 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  4. I tell my best friend -everything- always!  :hello:
    I don't tell a lot of others. lol
  5. Texted my buddy when I lost my v. Beyond that all he knows is that this chick was crazy, in the head and sack. He has no idea the shit we did, he thinks he does but it's not even close. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  6. Tell em? Shit, my niggas smashin next! But seriously, I only tell my friends that I know will keep quiet and not mess up the fuckbuddy status. All depends on the girl as well.
  7. i lay low until they ask. its not classy to brag about gettin bent over the kitchen table when people don't wanna hear it.
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    I lay low 90% of the time. The other 10% its just so juicy that I have to share if the conversation goes that way. But I never reveal names. And I don't go into detail. 
    A few of my friends, on the other hand, will tell me every. single. detail of everything  sexual they did. Literally every time I see them. And they go into detail. One is a girl, one is a guy. The girl is like 30 or 40 and the dude is like 20.  There's a few other random people who tell me their sexual stories. I guess I'm just easy to talk to  :confused_2:    I have to admit I do enjoy the stories.
  9. When I had sex for the first time I told a couple homies but other than that I don't tell people about the sexual adventures I have.
  10. Don't ask, don't tell.
  11. Nah. The only reason I would say anything is if I've gotton asked. And one person who was my super close best friend. She would ask me first anyways. But we don't really talk anymore. Only person I really talk to is my boyfriend now soo..

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  12. I am very open about it. If i seduce a straight guy or friend i won't tell anyone unless he's ok with it. I've bagged quite a few friends of friends or old friends. Pretty hilarious but i'm discrete not putting anyone on blast like that ;)

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