Do you imagine a voice for people on the internet.

Discussion in 'General' started by Man Plus Eyes, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. When I read things on the internet, they have a certain feel

    Articles have a certain voice
    People trying to know more than they do have a voice
    People who are in the know have a certain voice
    Youtube comments have a certain voice

    Does anyone else notice this?
  2. Nah not really...maybe in PC games when people use their mics and type other shit i can read it in their voice but that's about it.
  3. Well I imagine most people in my own voice. I do agree that certain people who seem "in the know" or dumb or just unique will have their own style of speech, still in my voice.

    That's what sucks about internet communications (typing), you can never tell exactly how someone is speaking.

    This is one of the reasons the brain is so amazing. When at a loss of information it will attempt to fill the gaps with other information.
  4. I imagine what other peoples voices are on here by their avatar... If it looks weird, I determine they have a weird voice.
  5. the best thing is meeting people from the internet....u know them for a year or so and finally meet them (like my car forum) and they are NOT what i expected them to look like haha
  6. lol. nah but i imagine what they look like, and sometimes what they sound like. funny how everyones mind works different. speaking of it, what makes ones mind? i know its the brain, but how does it do that. you cant see the things you're imagining so how can you see it in your head? how the fuck does the mind work, damnit? and what keeps me in my own mind? like how do i wake up every day with the same memories and same skills? and how do i know how to move shit, like my hands or my eyeballs? like i think about moving them and it dont happen, but then i do it and it works. but how the fuck do i do it? how damnit, how?! ohh shit, im blowing my own mind, dood!
  7. In my head, girl's post sound a bit higher in tune. Guy's post sound a bit lower.
    Posts with lots of acronyms, I read really fast for some reason.
  8. Yeah, I once read that communication is only like 7% verbal.
  9. "another universe- the biggest, scariest haunted house of them all"
  10. In this case...yes! lol
  11. That for me.

    Everyone is in my voice, just a different style of talking.
  12. I have a very high pitched voice
  13. I give different people different voices based on the tone of the piece without thinking about it. If it's improper with all sorts of errors, I make it more childish.
  14. My voice is very low and scruffy in real life...and yes for some people I do kind of imagine a voice, but it's usually somewhat generic.
  15. Same for me...always thought it was kinda weird...
  16. I'm not even sure. Haha. I have never really noticed myself doing this.
  17. I imagine everyone else on the internet as a blond Demetri Martin.
  18. Now I'm busy thinking about how I'm doing this
  19. Only when I'm reading one of KSR's posts.
  20. I reads CAPS in shouts. I have a different voice for every color of text to so people who type in green like chris have their own voice. Not just him but everyone who types in green. This would be like someone starting a sentence and two other people finishing it.

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